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7 design apps for interior inspiration

Sep 27, 2019
7 Design Apps for Interior Inspiration

You don’t need to turn to an interior designer when it comes to deciding on the right colour schemes, furniture and layout for your new home. There are some great interior design apps available that you can download to your tablet or smart phone, allowing you to take control and make your home your own. Here are 7 of our favourite interior design apps to help you effortlessly turn your house into a home.

1. Skitch

The creators of this app say, ‘use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant.’ It’s great for sending annotated photos and messages to your builder, designer or other half. For instance, if you decide where you’d like your floating shelves to go, you can draw it onto a photo and send it on, so there’s no confusion. This app is perfect for turning your design dreams into real life drawings.

Download: iOS

2. Houzz - Home Design & Remodel

This app allows you to see how furniture would look in your room, in 3D. It's a novel way of visualising what style of furniture would look great in your home and complement what you already have – ideal if you're questioning larger or more expensive pieces of furniture.

Download: iOS

3. IKEA Place

You can now see how IKEA furniture would look in your home before purchase. You can share the ‘places’ you create on WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as ordering any items you like. This app really does take the hassle out of the design and buying process.

Download: iOS

4. Floorplanner

The name of this app says it all – use it to create your own floor plans in just a few clicks. You can share it with others and add furniture you like to decide which layouts would work best. This app is perfect for planning, before you start the heavy lifting.

Download: Android/iOS

5. Dulux Decorator Centre

With this app you can scan in a colour and it’ll find an exact colour match. You can choose paint and wallpapers in the right shade, place an order and have them delivered to your door for free. The app cleverly lets you see what the colour would look like on your wall, so you can best visualise how your room would look. The app also has plenty of decorating hints and tips and the ability to save colour schemes – perfect for when you're in the mood to get creative.

Download: Android/iOS

6. Photo Measures

It’s always handy to know your room measurements. But rather than jotting them down on a piece of paper, use this app to view them in a photo of your room. It makes choosing furniture so much simpler as you can easily work out whether an item is the right dimensions for your space – saving you from making an expensive mistake later down the line.

Download: Android/iOS

7. iHandy Carpenter

When you’re about to hang a picture, this app can save you from having to get tools from your toolbox. The app includes a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubble level bar, a steel protractor and a steel ruler – DIY made easy.

Download: Android/iOS


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