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Children's bedroom ideas

Mar 14, 2018
Children's bedroom ideas

One of the benefits of decorating a child’s bedroom in a new build property, rather than in an older home, is that you don’t have to paint over the existing colour scheme. Having a blank slate can save you so much time and prevent your son from having to sleep in a girl’s room temporarily or vice versa.

If you have more than one child, your new home may be the first time your children haven’t had to share which can be very exciting for them. Even if they will still be doubling up, you should strive to create a room that appeals to their different interests and has the personal touch.

Check the room’s dimensions

It can be helpful to check how much space is available to you, either by looking at floor plans or by measuring the room yourself. If you already have their bed and furniture, you may have a good idea of the layout you’d like or you may want to play around first. You shouldn’t put the bed in front of the radiator. As well as possibly damaging the bed, it can stop heat circulating and they could burn themselves.

Divide up the room

Depending on the age of your child, it can be good to have a dedicated study and play area. The study area will usually need a desk and chair, but if you buy foldable versions they can be stored away when not in use. A table lamp can help them when they’re doing their homework and a noticeboard can be used to pin up party invitations, medals and certificates. Even if your child is young, a study area is a great way of encouraging them to learn from an early age.
A colourful rug, a beanbag chair and some cushions can help create the play area. The play area will need storage boxes to hide everything away from view, otherwise it can become very untidy. Whether you decide to have a TV in the bedroom is a decision only you can make as it has its pros and cons. For children who love playing on their games consoles, having their own TV can free up the TV in your lounge. However, you need to be able to trust that they won’t be switching it on in the early hours of the morning! Likewise, you won’t be able to easily monitor what TV programmes they’re watching so they might watch something that’s inappropriate.

Choose wardrobes that will last

To boost storage and make the most of every available inch, you could consider built-in wardrobes. Safety-wise, they’re not going to tip and they can be used from childhood through to adulthood. If you opt for mirrored wardrobe doors, you won’t need a separate mirror, however you will have to make sure they’re cleaned regularly as fingerprints will show.

Pick the right bed

There are lots of different types of beds available for kids. Your budget might dictate whether you opt for a character bed for young children, as they’re probably not going to want a princess carriage bed or Thomas the Tank bed once they reach junior school. This will mean that you have to look at replacing it for something non-descript, whether it’s a cabin bed with storage and a desk underneath, a bunk bed or a standard single bed. If you have two children sharing the room, a bunk bed that can be separated is usually a good choice. They might enjoy sleeping in a bunk bed configuration now, but as they get older, they might want separate beds.

Feed their creativity

A child’s bedroom makeover should be a joint collaboration, so ask for their opinion when it comes to the colour scheme and theme. They might want something completely different to what you think. A little girl might want a princess bedroom or may want something more neutral and older in style, you won’t know unless you ask. Displaying their drawings and paintings in frames can be a great way of showcasing their artistic talents and chart their progression from wobbly circles and lines, to realistic sketches as they grow. If they’re a member of a club or team, have old kit framed and put photos of them having fun with their friends on the walls.
If they love reading, you could create a reading corner by hanging up a funky fabric drape to make a tent. Stencils and stickers can be used to personalise storage trunks and boxes. Why not have a cinema style lightbox as a lamp? It’ll be interesting to see what they change the wording to each time you visit. Monochrome bedrooms are often popular with boys who want to be more grown up. If they’re into their music, make sure they have everything they need so they can practice when they want. Finally, superhero accessories and a navy, red and white colour scheme can also work well too. However, it’ll all depend on what your child wants, so it’s best to sit down and have a chat about how creative you want to be.