Creating the perfect master bedroom

Mar 14, 2018
Creating the perfect master bedroom

Your master bedroom is your space and your sanctuary. After a busy day, it’s a place to retreat, to enjoy some privacy, to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. You deserve a master bedroom to be proud of, after all, it’s somewhere where you’ll spend lots of time.

To help inspire you, here is our guide containing lots of bedroom ideas for couples.

Which styles appeal to you?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself as there is so much choice when it comes to bedrooms and it’s a personal room. It needs to appeal to your wants and desires. Do you dream of a bedroom that feels like it belongs in a 5-star boutique hotel? Do you love the coastal look, with nautical stripes, or do you want to create something more romantic? If you share your bedroom with a loved one, take onboard their opinion.

Your bed

It’s the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, so you want your bed to be just right. Divans are the most popular type of double bed. Pocket sprung divans are very comfortable and many styles come with storage underneath. Metal and wooden framed bedsteads can look stunning but they can be prone to squeaking when you move. They don’t require you to buy a separate headboard, but are usually more expensive than divans. Storage beds and folding beds are other options you may want to consider, although a folding bed isn’t usually suitable for daily use.
Before selecting the size of your bed, you should check the dimensions of your master bedroom. You need to make sure that there’s adequate space to walk around your bed before you decide on a Standard Double, Queen, King or Super King. Traditionally, beds are situated centrally, with the headboard against a feature wall. However, for a modern look, you could position the bed centrally in the room, using floor sockets instead of wall sockets to power your table lamps or alarm clock.

Storage space

You’ll be requiring wardrobes, bedside tables and dressing table/chest of drawers in your bedroom which ideally should be matching. Why not make the most of every available inch by having built-in wardrobes and cupboards fitted? It can be a great way of utilising any alcove space too. If you have a spare bedroom that you’re not using, why not turn it into a walk-in wardrobe? Perfect if you have a huge clothing and shoe collection, or simply want to give your master bedroom a luxury feel.

The materials

Rather than opting for a wallpapered feature wall, why not give your master bedroom the wow factor by having a timber, metal, brick or stone feature wall instead? The contrast between your feature wall and the fabrics you choose elsewhere in the room can add drama. You’ll want to frame your windows perfectly, so consider what style of curtains, netting, blinds or shutters would fit the style of your room, whilst giving you much needed privacy. If you have a south facing bedroom you’ll get plenty of sunlight, so you may want to consider blackout blinds or curtains for the summer months.
With modern bedrooms, less is more so hide any clutter away and choose streamlined furniture. Strong lines and bold colours are in demand, so don’t be afraid to hang artwork you’ve created yourself to complement your cushions or bedspread. To give your master bedroom a softer and more feminine, romantic touch, consider floral prints, dashes of pink, white drapes and an elegant chandelier. Framed photographs of memorable days with your loved ones can be a nice touch on your dressing table.


Natural lighting from windows is important. But to create the desired mood in your bedroom, having a range of different artificial lighting options is key too. If you’re an avid reader, you’ll probably want some attractive bedside table lamps or downlights positioned above your bed. Dimmer switches and mood lighting can help, with uplights within your flooring being one way of making your lighting sparkle.