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Providing a home for nature to thrive in

As well as building beautiful homes for you to live in, we’re also committed to protecting and preserving British wildlife. To enhance the biodiversity of each of our developments, we began a unique national partnership with the RSPB, Britain’s largest nature conservation charity, in 2014.
Together, we’ve found ways to boost the wildlife value of green spaces within our developments and we look forward to welcoming nature into our communities for years to come.

Developing dream homes in harmony with nature

At a time when much of the UK’s urban wildlife is in decline, we’re proud to be taking steps to pioneer a nature-friendly approach to home building; crafting beautiful homes that enhance and support the environment.

Committed to boosting natural habitats for wildlife, we must continue to take positive steps to build nature-friendly housing developments, doing all that we can to increase the population of British wildlife.

Song thrush perched on a small  leafy branch, sky blue background.

(Chris Gomersall)

How we're helping nature to thrive

RSPB's Flatford Wildlife Garden, Suffolk, England. 11/08/2011.

(Andy Hay)

There are many ways that we encourage local wildlife to thrive in our developments. Not only do we plant an average of 20 trees or shrubs for each home that we build, we strive to use the best types for wildlife, and to retain and enhance as much green open space as possible across our communities.We are also helping to save British wild bees by continuing to introduce bee-friendly plants across acres of gardens and open spaces within our developments.

In 2017 we were delighted to win the prestigious NextGeneration innovation award, in partnership with the RSPB, for our industry-first brick which doubles up as a nesting box for swifts. With the UK’s population of swifts in serious decline, building new homes for the birds was a central objective of our partnership with the RSPB and we are currently in the process of placing hundreds of these nesting boxes in our developments across the country.

Invite nature into your surroundings

Would you like your garden to be a rich environment for wildlife to enjoy? Encouraging a healthy ecosystem in your garden is easier than you think.

Adding flowers to your garden will not only add character and make it more beautiful, it will help provide vital food for birds and other wildlife, too. For instance, planting bee-friendly plants such as lavender, roses, clematis and geraniums is a great way to help support the British wild and honey bees. Or, to make your garden even more tranquil, why not add a pond or water feature? As well as adding a touch of luxury and serenity to your outside space, it will become a nature hub, attracting all sorts of insects and animals from dragonflies to frogs, giving wildlife a place to drink and bathe.

To discover more ways you can make your garden more wildlife friendly, download our handy guide.

To find out more about how you can invite nature into your surroundings or to become a member, see the RSPB website.

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