Property Buying Guides

Ready to make your next move but unsure where to begin the search? Our property buying guides include all the information you need to narrow your options. Whether you want to relocate to a different UK region or learn about average house prices in your current area, find everything you need to know here.

Explore property guides by region, including North, South, East and West England, Scotland and Wales. Discover some of the best areas for homebuying, from beautiful rural towns to developments closer to cities. Our properties range from modern 2 and 3 bedroom homes to spacious 4 and 5 bedroom homes around the UK. 

Whether you need a guide to help with your next investment or want advice before planning a family move, these regional property guides include all the information you need. From recent Ofsted reports to the unique attractions of each area, finding your perfect home starts here. Take advantage of David Wilson Homes’ unique offers for a stress-free move.

Offers to Get You Moving

Help to Sell Schemes

We have a range of schemes to help you sell your existing home.


Low Deposit Schemes

If you have a low deposit, we have a variety of schemes to help make moving more affordable.


Part Exchange

We could be your guaranteed buyer. No stress or fuss, just an easy move for you and your family.

Key Worker Scheme

We could help make your move with our Key Worker Deposit Contribution Scheme.


Own New - Rate Reducer

Own New - Rate Reducer is a brand-new scheme available on new build homes that could mean lower mortgage rates and reduced monthly payments.


Parent Power

Parents can also help. Typically they (or a close family member) could help you with your deposit, or guarantee your mortgage, or act as a joint applicant.