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Own your own home with a 30% First Homes discount

Ready to own a spacious, brand-new home of your own? First Homes is a new Government-backed scheme that could help you get onto the property ladder. Selected new-build homes in England, up to a maximum price of £250,000 (£420,000 in London) after the discount is applied, are available for sale with a discount of 30% of the market value.

First Homes is subject to availability, status, national and local eligibility, terms and conditions*.

What is First Homes?

Putting your new home within reach with First Homes
  • A Government-backed scheme designed to help first time buyers own their own home in England.
  • Under the scheme, homes are offered for sale with a discount of 30% of market value.
  • Exclusively available on selected new-build homes in England, up to a maximum price of £250,000 (after the discount has been applied). In London, the maximum price is £420,000 (after the discount has been applied).
  • The discount will apply to the future sales of the property. This means the same percentage discount as applied to the original sale will be passed on to the new buyer every time the property is sold to help other first time buyers in the future.

First Homes eligibility criteria

  • Available to first time buyers only (if the home is being purchased by more than one person all must be first time buyers) whose gross annual household income does not exceed £80,000 (£90,000 when purchasing a First Homes property in London).
  • A buyer will need to meet local eligibility criteria (if any) set by the local authority, such as having a local connection or being a keyworker, or (on future sales) a lower household income level. Local connection and keyworker status is as determined by the local authority.
  • You will need to obtain a mortgage (or home purchase plan) of at least 50% of the price of the discounted purchase price.
  • You will need a deposit of at least 5% of the discounted purchase price.
  • A property purchased using First Homes should be the buyers' only home.
The Holden study
The Holden living room

When selling a property purchased using First Homes, the seller will only receive the discounted market value (i.e. 70% of its market value) not full market value, and must only sell to a buyer that meets the First Homes eligibility criteria (including any local authority’s local eligibility criteria in force at that time). The percentage discount cannot change, even if you have made improvements to your home or if market values increase of decrease.

The First Homes Customer Guide explains in more detail the First Homes scheme including the application process, FAQs in respect of First Homes ownership, restrictions on letting the home and the process for selling. Further information is available at: www.ownyourhome.gov.uk/scheme/first-homes.

*The Government-backed, First Homes scheme, is subject to status, eligibility (including any “Local Eligibility Criteria” set by the local authority for their area (if any) designed to prioritise people that have a local connection or are a keyworker or Armed Services Member) and terms and conditions. Available on selected plots on some developments in England only. A property purchased using First Homes should be the buyers’ only home. First Homes buyers are required to fund at least 50% of the price after discount by a repayment mortgage (or home purchase plan) together with a deposit of at least 5% of the price after discount. If you're interested in the First Homes scheme, please click here for full terms and conditions and speak to one of our Sales Advisers for more information.