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Creating your own home office

Nov 28, 2019
Creating your own home office

Your home office should be functional, stylish and reflect your own personality – that way, you'll be able to fulfil your full potential when working from home. For tips on creating your own home office, read our helpful guide.

Choose your space wisely

Many David Wilson homes come with a downstairs room which can easily be used as a home office or study. So creating your own home office is relatively easy. However, if you don’t have the luxury of a whole room and your budget won’t stretch to a conversion, you may be looking at converting an unused area of your property into your office space. The good news is that you can create a great home office even with the tiniest of spaces. The key is to think smart and position it in a quiet area of your home. For instance, you could convert the corner of a room or hallway landing into a small area to study or work. Avoid having your office right next to a children’s playroom unless you’re planning on working while your children are at school or asleep.

Choose your furniture carefully

The most important piece of furniture in your home office is your chair and desk. Your chair must be comfortable, offer the right level of support and ideally should be adjustable. Style is important too – choose something that complements the rest of your home. Consider different materials and textures such as wood, perspex and leather. Make sure it is comfortable otherwise sitting for hours at a time could leave you in discomfort.
Choose a desk in any design or style that suits you, but ensure it's a suitable height for your chair. Measure your home office to check that the desk you buy is in the right dimensions. If it’s too large, you won’t have space for a bookcase and/or filing cabinet. If you want a large desk with plenty of surface space, a corner desk can be a good option. Or if you’d like to be able to work standing up, you could opt for a height adjustable desk.

Introduce lighting

Ideally you should position your desk by a window, but if that's not possible consider investing in floor or desk lamps. Not only will this add warmth to your room, it'll ease the burden on your eyes whilst working. Choose soft coloured bulbs rather than fluorescent lights as they are easier on your eyes.

Consider different storage solutions

When creating your own home office, you'll want to get the most out of the space. A work-space free from clutter will boost your productivity and focus your mind. Minimalist home offices have everything hidden from view, so if this is a look you like, why not opt for built-in storage? If you prefer having things on display, consider having a shelving unit or shelves which match the colour scheme of your room.

Inject your personality into your home office

A notice board, clock and calendar are must-haves for most home offices as they help you stay on track and manage your time. However, you’re not in the corporate world, you’re at home, so let your personality shine. You can pin inspirational quotes to your notice board, add pot plants and display family photographs to give your office a personal touch. Hang artwork on the walls that excites you. You're creating your own home office, so make the most of it. Have a dog bed in the corner if you have a four-legged friend. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at Instagram to see how others are getting creative in their home office spaces. Are you searching for your dream home? Find it today with 5 star housebuilders David Wilson Homes.