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8 board games to play with friends and family

Nov 29, 2018
8 Board Games to Play with Friends and Family
With the colder months of winter approaching, we’re even more likely to invite friends and family over for a cosy night of entertainment and hosting. But with a golden age of fantastic board games at our disposal, it can be difficult picking the right one for the right occasion.

Take a look at our list below and find out what board games to play with every kind of visitor to your new David Wilson home.

  1. Trivial Pursuit ­– one to play with parents

This classic is one of the all-time great board games. With simple rules where success depends solely on your knowledge and interests, every player has their own field of expertise. And after nearly 40 years on the shelves it’s loved by adults of all ages.

  1. Snakes & Ladders – one to play with kids

With origins that can be traced back to 2nd century India, this practically ancient game only takes a dice roll and some luck to win. It’s easy to understand – ladders take you up, snakes slide you down – and it gives children a gentle introduction to the concept of winning and losing.

  1. Takenoko ­– one to play with the whole family
 Takenoko has a peculiar setting, but it’s colourful, easy to learn, and strategic without being intimidating. Taking care of a Panda gifted to the Japanese Imperial court, players use pieces of the board to cultivate land and grow bamboo for our furry friend, with the best caretaker winning the game.
  1. Concept – one to play with friends

Concept requires your attention, and a little insight into the minds of your friends. Using a board filled with different categories of icons, players must pick a word, name, or phrase from a card, and then place counters to illustrate it to others. All without saying a word.

  1. Monopoly – one to play with rivals
 The ever-popular Monopoly has a strange kind of appeal, where the fun is in being as awful as you possibly can. It’s said to be a socially sanctioned way to exact revenge - so why not save it for some healthy competition with your least favourite friends and family members?
  1. Dungeons & Dragons – one to play together
 As much a board game as it is a lifestyle, Dungeons & Dragons is notoriously elaborate and requires some effort to get started, but it’s infinitely rewarding. One player is the Dungeon Master, and they guide their friends on an epic fantasy quest powered by a twelve-sided die.
  1. Pass the Pigs – one to break the ice
 Featuring two small rubber pigs instead of dice, the first to 100 points wins in Pass the Pigs. Roll as many times as you like, but if they land in the smirk-worthy “pig out” position, then it’s back to the trough at zero. A simple game of chance and the perfect ice-breaker.
  1. Pandemic – one to play for just the two of you

The co-operative Pandemic is just as fun with only two people. Working together to battle a series of global virus outbreaks, players move across the board and carefully choose whether to treat local populations, or research cures – under the constant threat of a new outbreak occurring at any moment.