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A Guide to House Prices in Southampton

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Nov 16, 2021
A Guide to House Prices in Southampton

A gateway into centuries of Victorian, Norman and Tudor history, Southampton is famous for its rich maritime heritage and the great variety of museums and art galleries. Though modern, the Old Town retains its medieval feel, creating an intriguing mix between tradition and innovation. Whether you’re thinking of moving to the area or you’d be interested in knowing more about Southampton’s house prices, here’s a handy guide to help you make the best decision.

House prices in Southampton

Over the years, Southampton has become an increasingly popular destination among different types of homebuyers. This has led to a flourishing property scene, which represents a positive thing for both short-term and long-term investments. Despite prices being slightly above the average when compared to the rest of England and Wales, houses in Southampton are much more affordable than nearby cities like Guildford, Reading and Salisbury. Let’s zoom in some of the areas within Southampton to take a closer look.

Where to buy in Southampton

Covering some 20 miles, Southampton is divided into several different areas, all catering for various budgets and needs. You can find some really valuable properties in neighbourhoods such as Brockenhurst and Stockbridge, while there’s affordable housing in a host of places like Thornhill and Woolston. There is also a handful of up-and-coming areas to choose from.


Conveniently close to Southampton’s city centre, Thornhill is a quiet, residential area where house prices are more affordable than in the rest of the city. With plenty of sport facilities and outstanding schools, this place is ideal if you prefer the pull of the suburb to the frenzy of the city.


Up and coming, Romsey is a sought-after village situated less than 9 miles north of Southampton. Houses here offer an excellent balance between nature and city life, with Southampton city centre and the New Forest National Park being close to hand.


Located 13 miles south-west of Southampton, Brockenhurst is the largest village within the New Forest. It is a very sought-after area, thanks to the beautiful surrounding countryside, the various bars and restaurants and the outstanding quality of its schools. If you like the idea of living in a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Southampton, browse our excellent Canford Paddock development and one of our Sales Advisers will be in touch to discuss your options.


A little further afield, just over 24 miles from Southampton, this village is a desirable place to call home thanks to its great location. Set in the heart of the Test Valley and surrounded by beautiful hills all around, Stockbridge’s house prices have seen a huge growth in recent years. Today, this area is considered as one of the most luxurious to live in Hampshire.


Found on the northern outskirts of Southampton, Winchester is another great place to call home. It was nominated “the happiest please to live in the UK” in 2019 and has received many other awards over the years. Its location makes it ideal for commuters too, with regular services to London. If green spaces and coastline are your priorities, don’t miss out our popular Gillies Meadow in Basingstoke, just 20 miles north-east of Winchester.


If you’re looking for open countryside, nature reserves and water gardens, houses in Andover could be ideal for you. This pleasant town, north of Southampton, has become a very popular destination in the last couple of years, while house prices remained affordable. Don’t miss out our brand-new homes at The Chase and Cherry Blossom Meadows developments in Newbury, just outside of Andover.