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Top 6 downloadable DIY apps

Jun 13, 2018
Top 6 Downloadable DIY Apps

There are some jobs around your home that may require you to call in a professional but there may be others that you want to tackle yourself. There are lots of DIY apps available that could help inspire you and give you advice. Here are six of our favourites, ranging from free to under £5. They’ll all help you to take on safe and simple DIY tasks around the home:


This app was designed for fans of the DIY On a Budget Facebook page. You can use it to get answers to your DIY questions, to search for tips and share any DIY knowledge you might have with others. It’s been designed to be a social network, you can upload photos of your own DIY projects if you want and get feedback too. 

2. DIY Storage Ideas

If you need more storage space than your new home currently offers, this app could be useful. It has so many creative and practical ideas that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you want to upcycle furniture to create your own storage solutions or re-interpret items you already own to assist with storage, this app has all the ideas for you. No matter if you are using a magazine rack to store your pots and pans, or maximising the storage space in your cupboards, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve built the shelving, cabinets and other storage items you like, you may find that you’re more organised. 

3. iHandy Carpenter

This is a great tool for any ad hoc measurements you need to take when you first move into a new home. This app is also a must for when you’re hanging pictures and doing other small jobs around the home. It includes a surface level to ensure you put your shelves up perfectly straight, a bubble level bar to get your pictures hung precisely, a steel protractor to measure up your angles, a plumb bob to create a vertical reference line and a steel ruler to measure up accurately. Download: iOS/Android

4. DIY Pallets

Garden furniture made from wooden pallets can look great and shouldn’t be difficult to do, once you know how. This app teaches you how to dismantle wooden pallets without breaking them and then how to make your own seats, tables and couches. There are lots of easy-to-follow videos and instructions. 

5. Carpenter

If you want to learn beginner level carpentry skills, this app can show you how. It has lots of videos you can follow as you learn how to do simple cuts, drill and sand. It has been created by an expert furniture maker.  

6. Tile Calculator PRO

Ideal for when you’re revamping your bathroom or kitchen. It will tell you how many tiles you need and how much grout and adhesive. It has four simple screens which help you calculate the following:
  • Wall size – you can add and configure the dimensions of the wall you need to tile
  • Materials – you can choose the type and size of tiles being installed
  • Settings – set the price
  • Results – this will display the stats and total costs involved
Download: Android Always remember to never try anything too complex when it comes to DIY and contact the experts where necessary, this especially applies for anything relating to gas and electrical work.