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DIY improvements to help brighten up your home before Spring

Feb 25, 2019
DIY improvements to help brighten up your home before Spring
Spring is just around the corner, and while it means lighter and longer days, it’s also the perfect season for some DIY around the home. Whether you’re looking to do a complete makeover or just some little touches here and there, the change in season not only brings new bouts of motivation, but with warmer weather comes the freedom to open the doors and get jobs done.

Spring is many people’s favourite time of year. Whether it’s due to flowers starting to bloom, or the return of brighter mornings. Whatever the reason, it’s just around the corner, and it makes a great time for DIY and getting your home ready for the rest of the year.

Have a look below at our ideas for DIY tasks to undertake this month, and brighten things up early with a few essential home improvements.

Alter rooms with a lick of paint

Is there anywhere in your home that looks like it could use a fresh splash of colour? Even if the room isn’t old, applying a different colour to the walls can dramatically change the way it feels to live in.  

Hang new pictures

Most homes have plenty of framed pictures on the walls, but they’re often hung there for so long that  you don’t even notice what’s in them anymore. Add a few new snaps from recent holidays or family occasions for some renewed visual stimulation.


Are all of the items in your home actually needed? If not, then get rid of them now, as advised by queen of decluttering Marie Kondo. However you feel about the art of tidying up, getting rid of old items around the house can be good for your mental health and ease any stress. And the charity shop or recycling centre would be our recommended port of call before the bin.

Fix small bits round the house

There are always odd-jobs around the house that get ignored. A loose plug socket, a dirty bathroom pull-cord, a broken door knob. They can easily add up, so take the time to resolve a few of these small DIY tasks.

Renovate your kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen is used a lot throughout the year, so the regular bang and crash of cabinet doors can quickly lead to deterioration. Try using varnish to give them a face lift, or create a different look entirely with a new coat of paint, if their materials allow.

Start getting your garden ready

It might still be a little too cold to spend full days in the garden, but you can still start getting your garden ready for the change in season. Necessary tasks include de-weeding, clearing away debris, and turning over soil ready for the first bulbs of spring.

Or pot a house plant

Add a little green to your indoor space by bringing the garden inside and it will boost your mood during the grey days. You can repot one of your existing plants, buy a new one, or even cultivate a bonsai tree for your coffee table.

Re-arrange furniture

Moving furniture around at particular times of the year can help emphasise the change of the seasons. If you have any upcoming social occasions planned, then it’s a good idea to think about how to re-arrange sofas and tables to make the best use of your space.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to place everything, check out these 10 ways you could rearrange your living room furniture.