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The Best Schools in Nottingham

Dec 05, 2021
The Best Schools in Nottingham

Home to the iconic Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is a city with plenty of possibilities. From evocative historical sites, an exciting club scene and a prominent local culture, this city in Nottinghamshire is a wonderful place to call home. And if you have children, there are many outstanding primary and secondary schools in and around the area. Whether you live in the heart of the action or in neighbouring towns such as Bingham or East Leake, here we’ve picked some of the best schools in Nottingham.

Best Primary Schools in Nottingham

  • Stone Soup Academy

Just a stone’s throw from the Old Market Square, the Stone Soup Academy is a vibrant and welcoming environment that caters for boys and girls aged up to 16. Students are encouraged to cultivate their confidence, self-esteem and value their education, as well as building long-lasting relationships with the teachers. Rated as outstanding by Ofsted, this primary school is a great balance between self- and professional development.

  • Rosehill School

Located 2 miles east from Nottingham city centre, Rosehill School is rated as outstanding by Ofsted for the high-quality teaching it provides to its pupils. Teachers make use of a variety of learning strategies, such as sign, symbols and touch-screen technologies to diversify the classes and engage the students. Here, attendance is above average and students excel in the majority of the subjects.

  • Haydn Primary School

A little outside of the city centre, 3 miles north, Haydn Primary School is a great place to send your children. With 500 students, boys and girls aged up to 11, the school is famous for its great senior leadership. Pupils’ attainment in Year 6 in reading, writing and mathematics is higher than what is found in other primary schools across the country as stated by local league tables.

Best Secondary Schools in Nottingham

  • Oak Field School

Found on the north-western outskirts of Nottingham city centre, Oak Field School caters for both boys and girls aged up to 19. Each subject is taught with care and passion, from language, mathematics and communication to English and early cognitive skills. Sports are also strongly encouraged, such as swimming, donkey riding and abseiling.  

  • Carlton Digby School

A little further afield from the heart of the action, Carlton Digby School has a great reputation when it comes to the strong relationships between pupils and their teachers. Alongside the usual classes, the school also organises a rich variety of extra-curricular activities, such as visits to some of the local places of interest.

  • Nethergate Academy

Situated in Clifton, 5 miles south of Nottingham city centre, Nethergate Academy has a solid reputation across the country. It caters for pupils aged up to 19 and is rated as outstanding by Ofsted. It provides for students with moderate and severe learning difficulties, which are supported by the teachers through a rich range of activities and subjects.