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Buying a New Build Guide

If you want to buy a new home but don’t want to renovate, a new build could be the way to go. David Wilson homes are energy efficient, sustainable and equipped with contemporary features. Most also have a 10-year warranty.

Learn about the benefits of buying a new build home and our unique schemes to help you move.
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What are the benefits of buying a new home?   

They can be bought before they're built

Many developers offer off-plan homes, meaning you can buy them before construction has finished. It's ideal if you want to buy in a specific area or somewhere in high demand.

New build homes are energy-efficient

New build homes tend to be better insulated, with double and tripled-glazed windows. They’re up to 63% cheaper to run (meaning you could save up to £2,200 per year).

They are chain-free 

Whether buying your first home or selling an existing one, you won't be part of a chain when purchasing a new build home.

They may be under warranty 

If your new build home is registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC), it will come with a 10-year warranty and protection schemes.

You'll benefit from a 10-year structural warranty when you buy your new David Wilson home. This covers the costs of any damage from faults. We also offer a two-year features and fittings warranty.

They can be personalised

Depending on the home’s build stage, you may be able to choose design aspects, including kitchen fixtures and fittings, and bathroom tiles.

Our new David Wilson homes are modern and spacious, with multi-purpose rooms to play, work and unwind. You can style your space by choosing from an extensive range of flooring, appliances, furnishings and fittings.

Help to Sell Schemes

We have a range of schemes to help you sell your existing home.


Low Deposit Schemes

If you have a low deposit, we have a variety of schemes to help make moving more affordable.


Part Exchange

We could be your guaranteed buyer. No stress or fuss, just an easy move for you and your family.

Key Worker Scheme

We could help make your move with our Key Worker Deposit Contribution Scheme.

Own New - Rate Reducer

Own New - Rate Reducer is a brand-new scheme available on new build homes that could mean lower mortgage rates and reduced monthly payments.

Parent Power

Parents can also help. Typically they (or a close family member) could help you with your deposit, or guarantee your mortgage, or act as a joint applicant.

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What are the stages of buying a new build home?  

Whether buying your new build home in the traditional way or off-plan, here are the essential steps.

1. Agree to a mortgage in principle 

You'll need a mortgage in principle before reserving your home. Mortgage offers usually last three to six months, so ensure your completion date is within this timeframe. If not, your mortgage offer may become invalid.

You can get a New Homes Mortgage Adviser to discuss your options.

2. Reserving your home

Ready to reserve your new build home? You can contact our Sales Advisers, who will ask a few questions before taking it off the market. You’ll pay a reservation fee between £500 and £1,000.

After paying the fee, you’ll receive a written agreement outlining the following: 

• The price of the property 
• What you're buying in detail (e.g. if the property has parking) 
• When the reservation agreement ends 
• Any additional costs
• Terms and conditions, which outline what you'll need to do if the purchase falls through 

3. Appoint a conveyancing solicitor 

You'll now need a conveyancing solicitor to deal with the legal side of your purchase and guide you through the buying process.

4. Secure your mortgage 

At this stage, you should already have an agreed mortgage in principle. The mortgage lender will arrange for a surveyor to evaluate the property and assemble a formal offer.

If you’re buying off-plan, the evaluation is based on the plan the developer has provided.

5. Pay the deposit 

The deposit for buying a new build home is usually 10% but can range between 5% and 30%.

6. Exchange contracts 

You have 42 days to exchange contracts. Your conveyancing solicitor will check the following:

• The terms of the contract 
• The title of the property 
• The planning documents 
• Any additional paperwork 

If everything is fine, you’ll sign the relevant paperwork.  

What schemes are available when buying a new build home?

Deposit Boost

If you have a 10% deposit, we can boost it by 5% with Deposit Boost. This way, you'll need an 85% mortgage. 

Deposit Unlock 

With Deposit Unlock, you can buy your new build home with a 5% deposit, no matter if you're a first or second-time buyer.

Part Exchange

If you want to sell your existing home, we can help. With the Part Exchange scheme, we can be your guaranteed buyer and pay your estate agent fees.

Do you have to pay Stamp Duty on new build homes?  

You’ll need to pay Stamp Duty on new build homes. Stamp Duty Land Tax is paid on property or land bought in England.

Browse our brand-new 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom new homes. Whether relocating with your growing family or for work, we have a home for you. If you can't visit our Sales Advisers, take a virtual tour of the property you want and make your move with David Wilson Homes today.