Winter inspired home décor

Nov 12, 2018
Winter inspired home décor
With winter comes cold, dark days, meaning many of us turn to nesting in the comfort of our home. The sofa becomes place of residence day in day out, and hot chocolate the drink of choice. With so much time being spent inside your home over the winter months, it’s the perfect time to inject some fresh interior ideas. Here are a few ways to make your home the perfect cosy sanctuary you’ll be more than happy to spend your time in.

Dark walls and furniture

A huge trend this season is incorporating deep, rich colours into the home such as navy, mulberry and dark teal. This can be done by painting walls, buying a sofa or arm chair in these colours, or simply by adding cushions or throws. Dark colours create a cosy effect and can be very comforting during the colder months. Alongside dark walls or soft furnishings, dark wood is also on-trend this winter. Inspired by 80’s interiors, dark oak and gold finishing’s create a luxe look while keeping a room feeling warm. It’s a look that works well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Adding lamps for a warming effect

Throughout winter, lamps are a staple when it comes to interior design. Their soft light can really warm up a room and make it cosy in an instant.

A statement lamp can be particularly impressive, o­r for a real head turner try a floor lamp. Gold or copper floor lamps are hugely popular and go perfectly with dark interiors. Try placing one next to an arm chair to create a cosy nook. Alternatively, a pair of lamps on tables either side of the sofa can help to balance a room.

Faux sheepskin for cosy textures

Faux sheepskin can be really effective when giving a room a winter make-over, as it looks and feels incredibly soft and cosy. Try adding a faux sheep skin throw to a sofa, or a rug for added warmth. If you’ve gone for laminate flooring they’re especially snuggly underfoot.

Subtle Christmas decorations

Putting up a Christmas tree in November might be a little too much, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start to introduce subtle Christmas décor touches in to your home. Try adding candles wrapped in holly, twinkling fairy lights or even a garland on your fireplace. Rather than being overly Christmassy, these little touches can give a subtle nod to the festivities and are more acceptable before December.

Bringing the outside in

To really appreciate being sheltered from the cold outdoors, it can be effective to bring some of the outside inside. A great way to do this is to get creative with wooden logs. Try filling an alcove or empty fireplace with stacks of logs, or buy a rustic log holder to display your pile. Fill vases with cuttings of winter berry bushes for an extra show of natural autumnal style.

There are many ways you can incorporate winter interior design trends in to your home, and with just a few simple changes your desired look can be achieved.