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Top Christmas tree decoration trends 2018

Dec 20, 2018
Top Christmas tree decoration trends 2018
As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about giving your home a festive make over. An incredibly exciting time, as the twinkling lights and familiar ornaments mark the start of the celebrations.

You may not have given much thought to Christmas tree decoration trends previously.

Instead, opting for classic colours such as red and gold, and re-using traditional decorations, which have been passed through the family. While it can be lovely to use the same decorations year-on-year, triggering fond memories, it can also be fun to buy new decorations and embrace what’s currently in vogue. Especially if you’ve just moved into your new home and are buying a whole new collection.

Here’s a few of the top tree decoration trends for Christmas 2018:

Rainbow Christmas trees

A trend lead by high street store John Lewis, rainbow Christmas trees are set to be big this season. It consists of covering your tree in an array of bright coloured baubles, in order to make it look like a rainbow. According to John Lewis, the trend was inspired by social media platforms Instagram and Pintrest, as photos with the most colour tend to be those with the most likes. This fun trend is great for a family home.

The luxury coloured baubles: John Lewis, £25 for a pack of 32

The cheaper alternative: Amazon, £18 for a pack of 50

Novelty decorations

novelty decorations

This might seem quite an unusual trend and miles away from any kind of tradition, but this year has seen huge growth in quirky hanging decorations. From burgers to flamingos, across the high street there’s a wide range of interesting novelty ornaments available to buy. Along with the rainbow tree trend, this is another fun way to celebrate the season. To avoid going over-board, we recommend mixing a few unusual decorations with some classic and simple decorations.

The luxury playful decorations: Liberty London

The cheaper alternative: Primark

Single colours

monochrome christmas tree

The opposite to the rainbow tree trend, and more suited to those who wish to have something a little simpler, is the single colour Christmas decoration trend. As seen on Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks.

While it may have previously felt more natural to pick two complementary colours for the baubles on your tree, such as red & gold or red & green, now the trend is to just pick one. Particularly in fashion is all gold, all silver or all blue. However, to avoid it being too simplistic, try different textured baubles such as glitter, embellished or polished to add variety.

Luxury baubles: Cox & Cox

The cheaper alternative: The Range

Lights only tree


It might seem very un-natural at first, but there is a growing trend in decorating trees in lights only. That’s right, no baubles, no tinsel and no ribbon. This trend is extremely simple, but very effective, and can work with both real and artificial trees. To avoid it feeling too plain, we recommend twinkly lights, which can be very eye-catching.

To make things easier, you could purchase a pre lit Christmas tree.

Luxury pre-lit tree: Selfridges

The cheaper alternative: Asda

However, you decide to decorate your Christmas tree this season, we know it will be special for you, your family and your home. So embrace the creativity, and enjoy turning your new build home into a festive wonderland.