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Top tips for choosing kitchen furnishings

Nov 01, 2018
Top tips for choosing kitchen furnishings

When you move into a new build property, it will be your own personal blank canvas.

The kitchen will be created with the newest materials for the cabinets and worktops, modern kitchen tiles, and in just the right layout. It will then be up to you to make it your own and turn it into the real heart of the home through your choice of kitchen furnishings and accessories. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Ask yourself some important questions

The first step is to ask yourself specific questions to help define what you really want to get out of the space. These include: What do you want to use your kitchen for? How you use your kitchen will define the accessories and furnishings you need. For example, you may want to make it the centre of the home for family time. You may wish for it to be the focal point when you have guests round for dinner parties and casual Sunday roasts. Or for you, it may simply be a place for cooking, with the real entertaining going on elsewhere in the home.
What do you want to cook? Your level of cooking and talent as a chef may dictate how you furnish and accessorise your kitchen. Are you a one-pot cook, a talent with the microwave, or do you make everything from scratch and use all the pots and pans for one meal? What atmosphere do you want when cooking? Are you a one-eye-on-the-television kind of cook? Do you need music to make everything flow in the kitchen? Do you like to cook with wine? These are all important questions you need to answer. How you cook, and host, often go hand in hand – adapting your kitchen to suit you is the only way to get the most out of it.
How much time do you want to spend in your kitchen? Are you in and out in quick fashion? Do you like to spend some quiet time on a Sunday with your morning coffee and the paper? Is cooking your way of relaxing after a long hard day at work or looking after the kids?

Choose the furnishings and accessories that cater to your needs

Once you’ve taken the time to look at your personal kitchen requirements, you can start to build an idea of your essential furnishings and accessories.

Furnishings to make it a social space

If your kitchen is the real hub of the home, a place for formal entertaining and casual dining then you should consider the following: -  High stools– this means your guests can chat with you while you cook and enjoy some nibbles in a casual atmosphere before the main event. -  A sofa, armchair or an area to relax – this is ideal for lazy Sundays, catching up on your reading or simply enjoying a coffee in the peaceful confines of your kitchen. However, always remember to work with the space you have. A dining table crammed into a smaller space simply won’t work. For it to be a real social area, your guests, friends and family will need adequate space to relax

Accessories to aid your kitchen entertaining

If it’s a dinner party, house-warming or just an evening with the family, these are the kitchen accessories that will cater to all your entertaining needs. - Wall-mounted smart TV – great for cooking with one eye on the TV and family evenings in the kitchen – wall-mounted will save plenty of space too. - Wireless speakers – perfect for parties with no need to worry about the wires. - Virtual assistant – an Amazon Echo or Google Home will play music, connect to your chosen streaming service for your party playlists, play your guests’ requests, and even offer a little help with the cooking by providing recipes in an instant.

Accessories to make things easier and boost your kitchen creativity

If you’re a wiz with the microwave, that will obviously be an important accessory, but if you’re more of an experienced cook you’ll want to cater for your cooking needs in as easy way as possible. The following accessories are ideal to do exactly that. - Hanging pot rack – perfect if you need a pot or a pan at a moment’s notice when creating something in the kitchen. - Wall hooks for kitchen utensils – you don’t want to be rummaging through a drawer when you need that essential item at a critical point of your cooking. -  Spice rack – if you cook a lot with spice, a well organised and neatly presented spice rack is an essential kitchen accessory.
- Chef’s knife – if you have culinary aspirations, a good quality chef’s knife is always good to have by your side. -  Food processor or blender – a decent food processor should be the backbone to your food preparation. It’s also ideal for healthy smoothies in the morning and cocktails when you’re entertaining. - Pestle and mortar – vital to get the most out of your flavours. -  Pasta machine – ideal to boost your culinary skills and really show off to your friends. -  Slow cooker – if you want to fill your home with the aromas of your cooking all day and want a quick fix for delicious meals while you spend time relaxing with family. However, you want to use your kitchen and whatever your kitchen needs, the right furnishings and accessories will help you achieve them.