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The Top Attractions to see when in Southampton

Nov 11, 2021
The Top Attractions to see when in Southampton

Not only is Southampton famous for being the departure point of the Titanic. Its great variety of things to see and do make it a destination of choice for many. Found at the confluence of the River Test and Itchen, its location is ideal for scenic walks in the New Forest as well as relaxing promenades along the marina. If you want to dedicate a weekend exploring the city, or you’re coming on a day trip from nearby sites like Basingstoke, Andover or Winchester, you'll be spoilt for choice. To point you in the right direction, we’ve picked some of the top attractions in and around town.

Solent Sky Museum

This fascinating museum celebrates the history of aviation research and development in Hampshire and the Solent region, which were the main centres between 1910 and 1960. Everything - from biplanes and spacecraft to seaplanes and the worldwide famous Spitfire - was built here. A real must-see for history-lovers!

Tudor House

Situated just off Bugle Street, this 15-century house became the first museum to ever open in Southampton in 1912. It is the embodiment of 900 years of English households, whose treasures are today exhibited in interactive displays to trace back their history. Over the years, the timber framed construction has hosted numerous artist studios, bonnet-makers and bookbinders.

SeaCity Museum

This museum opened on the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic’s departure from Southampton, in 2012. Here, the story of the Titanic is given a fresh perspective: learn about the crew members and the survivors, many of whom were originally from the city. You can also watch re-enactments from court inquiries into the sinking.

Town Walls

Southampton has some of the best-preserved medieval walls in the whole country, built following a French raid in 1338. The response was to erect a two-kilometre curtain, broken by eight gates and reinforced by 29 towers. Head to the southern top of Above Bar Street to start the tour of the walls, which offers stunning views of Southampton and the West Quay.


Built by the Normans invaders as a part of the fortification measures to the city between the 11th and 12th centuries, Bargate is a Grade I listed medieval gatehouse. Located on the southern edge of High Street, it stands next to a statue of King George III, dating back to 1809. Over the years it became the symbol of the city and is today one of its most touristic sightseeing.

Southampton Common

If you fancy a relaxing walk with your dog or by yourself, Southampton Common is a great place to do it. The park covers more than 300 acres of land, where you can also enjoy a free 5 km marathon every Saturday morning. If running is not up your street, there is also a cosy pub in the park that serves traditional Sunday roasts and refreshing pints for those hot summer nights.

Mayflower Theatre

You don’t need to be a theatre-fanatic to love the Mayflower Theatre. The place itself is worth a visit. With a staggering capacity of 2,300 spectators, the theatre opened in 1928 under the name The Empire Theatre and today hosts music events, ballets and comedy shows.

There are so many different ways to enjoy Southampton. Whether you live in the heart of the action and are planning your move, or visiting from a surroujnding area such as Wimborne or Chichester, don’t miss our great developments nearby. Brand-new homes at Quarter Jack Park could be what you’re after if you’re looking for a 3 and 4 bedroom house, or Madgwick Park for a smaller family.