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The Manchester House Prices Guide

Apr 26, 2021
The Manchester House Prices Guide

From its vibrant culture to its schools, universities, and myriad of attractions come day and night, Manchester is a brilliant place to call home. Whether you’re searching for a new home in the city centre or you’re looking at spots on the outskirts such as Hyde and Rochdale, Manchester house prices can be as diverse as the city itself.

House prices in Manchester

House prices across the city are suitable for a wide range of budgets. If you’re looking for an affordable flat or terraced house in central Stockport then you’re likely to pay less than you would for a sprawling detached home with a big garden in a place like Cheadle. Overall, house prices in Manchester are generally quite strong and see good growth over time.

Where to live in Manchester

Some areas are naturally far more expensive than others, but bargains are always possible in every neighbourhood. We’ve picked out five great places to buy a new home in Manchester, catering for a range of tastes and budgets.


This South Manchester suburb is an excellent place to live. With lots of top schools in the local area, plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes around the market and some lovely neighbourhoods to call home, this is a highly desirable spot. The affluent areas of Hale and Bowdon also fall within Altrincham’s boundary, where you’ll find some of the highest house prices Manchester has to offer. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, don’t miss our superb GallowayGrange development just to the south.


If you’re looking to live close to the city centre yet still enjoy some peace and quiet, Castlefield could be for you. With little traffic to worry about, predominantly because of the presence of the Bridgewater Canal, the tranquil waters also lend a certain serenity to this part of town. They also provide some great views, as well as a popular backdrop for a drink or barbecue in the sunshine, with some excellent local bars to choose between. Apartments are most common in this area, with prices varying dependent on location and specification of the building.


If you’re into green, organic, liberal living, Chorlton could be the best place for you to buy a home in Manchester. Just a short drive or tram ride from the city centre, the Beech Road area is hugely desirable for its independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The local park is great for dogs and kids, while Turn Moss and the Chorlton Ees can make you feel like you’ve stepped straight into the countryside from your front door. House prices are very strong in this area on the whole, although fixer-uppers can provide a route to finding a great deal.


Just the other side of the Princess Parkway from Chorlton, Didsbury is another sought-after area on account of its vibrant local culture. A great place to live for families, house prices can be a little restrictive depending on which part of the area you look at. With top transport links, excellent schools and popular Burton Road’s vars to draw you in though, you may find it’s worth every penny to live in Didsbury.


Technically part of Cheshire, Wilmslow is another wonderful place to live for families both young and old. Surrounded by lots of greenery and open space, the town centre is a pleasant place to go for a stroll, before settling down for an informal lunch or relaxing for the evening in a swanky bar. With the Carrs and Lindow Common great spots for peaceful walks and house prices benefitting as such, our fantastic Stanneylands development gives you the opportunity to buy a beautifully-designed 3 or 4 bed family home in this area.