The Costs of Selling a House in 2024

Apr 09, 2024
Cost of Selling a House
The costs of selling a house vary depending on several factors, including the sale price, the location and the estate agents you choose. If you’re looking to sell your home but are unsure of the costs, this guide can help. Read on to learn more about remortgaging and conveyancing solicitor fees, removal costs and more.

The costs of selling a house

Below is a breakdown of the costs of selling a house:

Service Cost
Remortgaging fees
Estate agent fees
Between 1% and 3% of the sale price
Conveyancing fees
Between £800 and £1,800
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
Between £60 and £120
Removal costs
Between £400 and £1,800

1. Remortgaging fees

There are two fees you may need to pay if you need to remortgage: early repayment charges and mortgage exit fees.

• Early repayment charges depend on whether you’re still in your mortgage deal while taking out a new one. They differ according to the remaining balance.
• Mortgage exit fees are your lender’s admin fees for closing your mortgage file once your balance is cleared.

It’s a good idea to wait for your mortgage deal to end and remortgage your property then. Remortgaging fees are usually around £1,000.

2. Estate agent fees

Estate agent fees are typically the biggest cost when selling a house.

High-street agents charge you between 1% and 3% of your home’s sale price, while online agents usually offer a fixed-fee service. This could range from £0 to £1,200 and is typically paid upfront.

3. Conveyancing fees

Your conveyancer or solicitor will deal with the legal side of the home-selling process. They usually charge a flat rate or a percentage of the property’s value, which varies between £500 and £1,600 depending on the complexity of the transaction.

If your home is a leasehold, you may need to pay between £100 and £300 for the extra work involved.

Learn more about the legal steps of selling a house in our comprehensive guide.

4. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

As part of the home-selling process, you’ll need to provide your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This rates the house’s energy efficiency, estimates its carbon emissions and suggests ways to reduce them.

An accredited domestic energy assessor must carry out an EPC, which is valid for ten years once issued.

5. Removal costs

Another cost you need to factor in when selling your home is removal. If your property is big or you need professional help to do the heavy lifting, you may need to use a removal company. This could cost between £400 and £1,800 depending on:

• The size of the van required
• The distance from the old to the new house
• The time of day and year
• The packing materials

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