How to keep costs down when you're moving long distance

Oct 03, 2019
Keep Costs Down When Moving Long Distance
Moving long distance brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to cost. But despite the extra mileage, there are plenty of ways to stick to a low budget when moving across the country. Here’s how to keep costs down for your long distance house move.

1. Opt for a weekday move, and be wary of ‘high season’ price increases

Removal companies are often more expensive on weekends, so if possible,  try and opt for a weekday move to save yourself some money. Try and plan your journey outside of rush hour to avoid traffic jams, which could drive up costs with overtime charges. If you’re moving during the summertime, extra demand for removals will probably push up prices, so it could be worth planning your move for the spring or autumn.

2. Weigh up the differences between local and national removal companies

When you’re moving long distances, a national removal company may be more price-competitive than a local firm, especially if they have an office in both your new and old town. Do your research before choosing your removal firm, and make sure you check online reviews for added peace of mind.

3. Plan plenty of time for your journey

If you’re meeting the removal company at your new address, make sure you plan plenty of time for your journey so you get there on time, allowing for regular breaks at service stations. If you’re late, you may end up having to pay extra charges, so you might prefer to travel the day before and book a hotel. Your move might only take one day, but also find out if you are covered for any belongings left in the delivery van overnight. Before the day of the move, consider any pets or children that you need to move too. Will you need to arrange for a friend or relative to look after them while the move takes place? It might be too late to think of this when moving day arrives.

4. Rethink your DIY approach

While hiring a van and doing the moving yourself may seem cheaper, it can prove less cost-effective in the long run – especially if you have to pay for fuel and take more than one trip to and from your old house. For instance, if you own lots of possessions, despite appearing more expensive, a professional firm with a bigger van could work out cheaper overall, than if you used a smaller company with a much smaller van.

5. Shop around

Use comparison sites such as Compare My Move to find the cheapest possible quote for your removal company, but be mindful that some firms have hidden costs that won’t be visible initially. Also look out for special offers on voucher code websites, and make sure you book in plenty of time to avoid last minute charges.

6. Get rid of unwanted items before you move

By getting rid of any possessions you don’t want or need before the big move, you might be able to downsize the size of van that you hire, which will save money. And, the fewer boxes you have to transport, the quicker and easier the process will be.

7. Improvise with your packing materials

There are lots of ways to save money, such as collecting boxes and packing materials in the weeks and months leading up to the move. Perhaps ask local shops if they have any unwanted boxes that you can borrow. Also use any buckets and baskets you already have as containers, and organise smaller items using sandwich bags. Protect fragile items with towels, tea towels and bed linen instead of bubble wrap, but be careful if they are of high-value.

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