The Best Primary Schools in Southampton

Nov 15, 2021
The Best Primary Schools in Southampton

Southampton is a bustling and vibrant city, with a vast array of local amenities and tourist attractions. It’s also famous for its promising selection of primary schools, where you will be more than happy to send your children. Whether you live in the heart of the action, on the eastern outskirts of the city in suburbs like Emsworth, or even further afield in Winchester, here we’ve picked out five of the best primary schools in and around the area.  

  • Bitterne Manor Primary School

Located along the banks of the River Itchen, just 2 miles east of Southampton city centre, life at Bitterne Manor is described with this motto: learning to be the best we can. Rated as outstanding by Ofsted, and catering for both boys and girls aged up to 11, the school promotes personal and social development through a diverse range of activities. Sports are also strongly encouraged, so much that some of the students have joined their local club in their favourite discipline.

  • Beechwood Junior School

Just 3 miles east of Southampton on the other side of the River Itchen, Beechwood Junior School caters for boys and girls aged up to 11 and offers its pupils high quality teaching and learning. There is a wide range of extracurricular activities, from sports and team building to arts and music, all meant to encourage students’ creativity and independence. Reading and writing are also extremely valued, with newspapers, radio scripts and stories being a few of the writing samples pupils are exposed to.

  • Marchwood Junior School

Found in Marchwood, on the western outskirts of Southampton city centre, Marchwood Junior School excels in leadership, quality of learning and assessment. A little over 300 boys and girls aged up to 11 attend the school each year, which is located right next door to the New Forest National Park. The school also sets up a programme for children of special needs to ensure that their learning and welfare are taken care of. A great range of activities is organised daily, with the inter-house competition being one of the highlights to help pupils get to know each other.

  • Springwell School

Situated on the eastern outskirts of Southampton, Springwell School is one of the best primary schools within the area, rated as outstanding by Ofsted. It is an average-sized institute for pupils aged up to 11 with complex learning difficulties, where classes are tailored individually. Activities such as music and drama, and sports like swimming, are strongly encouraged, alongside a whole-school approach to motivate children to engage in learning. The school boasts a great reputation and is known for promoting a loving attitude towards everyone.

  • Banister Primary School

Found right in the heart of Southampton, Banister Primary School is an excellent institute to send your children. Larger than the average-sized primary school, boys and girls can attend up to the age of 11. The proportion of pupils with SEND is above the national figure, which is why classes are tailored to meet the needs of the single individual. The ethos is based around inclusivity and diversity, which is celebrated through a variety of learning methods.