The most memorable homes in Christmas Films

Nov 28, 2019
The most memorable homes in Christmas Films
One thing that all of the great Christmas films have in common are their memorable homes. Whether it’s a festive home filled with red and gold ornaments, or a cosy cottage with wooden decorations – there are plenty of films to draw inspiration from. Here are four of the most memorable homes featured in our favourite classic Christmas films.

Susan’s Dream House - Miracle on 34th Street

A true Christmas classic, this tale about whether or not to believe in Santa Claus has transcended generations with its enduring message of faith. In the film, little Susan wishes for a stunning dream house, packed with colourful presents and decorations. It’s the typical festive home and a great source of inspiration for Christmas interior design ideas. For example, think classic silver snowflakes and white wooden ornaments, or traditional baubles accompanied by ribbons and lights.

Rosehill Cottage - The Holiday

While some Christmas films emphasise the extravagancies of Christmas, the simple stone cottage of The Holiday takes us back to the basics – proving that all you need for a great Christmas is a homely place. To emulate this look in your house, opt for wooden decorations and plain paper wrapping tied with hessian string. Make sure to have plenty of  knitted blankets and crochet cushions on hand to keep cosy.

Mount Crumpit – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This is the recognisable home of The Grinch, the mischievous anti-hero that appeals to anyone who gets a bit fed up of Christmas sometimes. On the inside, Mount Crumpit is a fantastical lair filled with imaginative contraptions, but on the outside, it's a snow topped mountain. For a snow themed Christmas this year, fill your home with white pillar candles and clear glass snowflakes. Keep your table setting simple and add a dash of silver glitter at the end.

The McAllister Family Home - Home Alone

There's no house in cinema more iconic than the Georgian mansion of the McAllister family. In this classic movie, little Kevin hides a series of traps to protect his luxurious home from robbers. To emulate a similar festive look in your home, choose rich burgundy and forest green decorations. Finish your tree in golden stars and twinkling lights.

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