The top decoration trends to follow this Christmas

Nov 05, 2019
The top decoration trends to follow this Christmas
Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, so celebrate the holiday in style by transforming your home. From what colour scheme to choose to what should hang on the tree, discover the top decoration trends to follow this Christmas.

Vintage Christmas decor

A top trend for this Christmas is a vintage inspired look. Think tactile materials, brown paper and vintage fabrics. Use these materials to create tree decorations, such as a vintage garland. Or even use them as table decorations. For example, you could use vintage cloth as a table runner. You can find lots of these materials in craft stores or secondhand shops for a more vintage look.

Green and silver colour palette

A silver and green colour scheme is a classic Christmas trend, perfect for any room of the house. Use the green of the tree as a bold background and accessories with contrasting silver decorations. Space out the decorations evenly so that the tree doesn't look too crowded. You can also decorate your home with silver ornaments such as candles, snow globes and figurines. Compliment this palette with soft lighting, delicately draped around the tree.

A blue Christmas

If you like to break from tradition, try adopting a blue Christmas colour palette. This cool colour goes well with a green tree and can help to give your home a modern look. For subtle hints of blue, tie blue ribbons on the tree or wrap blue ribbon around the presents this year.

Get inspired by nature

A key trend for Christmas this year is using natural materials. These can be in the form of handmade decorations or ornamental displays. Use materials such as ash wood, pine needles and cones, dried fruit and wicker for a cosy winter feel. Watch this tutorial on how to make your own Christmas decorations out of natural materials.

Have yourself a white Christmas

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas. But if the weather outside doesn't look promising, bring the snow into your home. Create your very own winter wonderland by using a frost tipped tree, white icicles and silver ornaments. You can even go the extra mile and sprinkle fake snow all around the bottom of your tree.

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