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Your family garden: making the most of outside

Apr 26, 2019
Your family garden: making the most of outside

Making the most of your family garden is something you'll definitely want to do this summer. For the grown-ups, you might have visions of a comfy hammock setup, a barbecue and a wild-flower meadow. For the children, perhaps more energetic pursuits with climbing frames, goalposts and mud kitchens.

We've channeled our inner-child and picked out five pieces of play equipment that will make your family garden full of playful possibilities this summer.

Mud kitchens

Create culinary masterpieces you simply won't find in any Michelin Star restaurant with a mud kitchen. It makes getting your hands dirty fun, and allows imaginations to run wild. TP Toys have a range of mud kitchens to choose from, starting at £49.99.



The giddy thrill of jumping up and down and perfecting your star jumps is not one to be missed. But do make sure you pick a trampoline that fits your family garden. The other consideration is around safety, with trampolines coming in two different styles of open or enclosed with netting. An 8-ft enclosed trampoline will typically cost £150, such as this one, available from John Lewis.

Family garden trampoline

Climbing frames

You may choose a stand-alone climbing frame or one which integrates into other family garden apparatus, such as swings and slides. You'll find a range of wooden and aluminium options to suit any budget. But, basic shapes are cheaper than mock pirate ships or space rockets. Climbing frames typically come in flat-pack kits for self-assembly.

Family Garden Climbing Frame

Goal posts

If you have a budding football star, there are a range of affordable and portable goalposts that make a welcome addition to a sporty family garden. Available from the likes of Amazon or Argos and typically retailing at £40. Is now the time to make your hallowed garden turf a theatre of dreams?

Family garden inspiration

Your new build garden is a blank canvas and an opportunity to fit your family's outdoor needs. From front garden to back garden, there is a world of possibility to make your outside space your own.