Most searched for colour schemes

Nov 18, 2021
Most searched for colour schemes

The most searched for colour schemes for each room revealed

From earthy hues to natural greens, when it comes to finding the perfect colour scheme for our home, there's more choice now than ever before. But which colour trends are just a passing fad and which look like they are set to stay? The interior experts at DWH have analysed Google search data from the past 2 years to see which shades are exploding in popularity, and in which room you're most likely to find them.

Living room

Google searches for ‘emerald green living room ideas’ were up 1100% in the past 18 months which suggests we are opting for more refreshing colours when it comes to the décor. Jade green living room ideas were also up by 838%, with these shades really coming into the spotlight this past year.

For those who prefer a more striking appearance, ‘Pink and grey living room ideas’ were also up 1100% during the past 18 months, with the contrast in bold and neutral colours proving popular with Brits.

‘Navy blue and coral living room’ has also been making waves, with searches up 1100% during the pandemic. Lastly, ‘grey, black & gold living room ideas’ were also up 1180%, with simple elegance never looking like it will go out of fashion.


The thought of some extra cleaning hasn’t put us off ‘white kitchen ideas’, which have spiked an astonishing 20,000% in the past 18 months. Similarly, ‘white cupboards and countertops’ have been googled 4800% more times than before the pandemic, with textures and pattern used to express ourselves over bolder colours.

Searches for ‘farmhouse blue kitchen’ have increased by 1333% more than what they did 18 months ago, with the country house feel being suited for all seasons.

On the darker side of the blues, you have the navy-blue kitchen searches, which have increased in searches by 1056% over the past year. Navy blue kitchens create another sense of sophisticated modernisation, with added wooden cupboards this creates a contemporary touch to a fresh coloured kitchen.

Green kitchens are also on the increase to match our living rooms. Searches are up 733% in the last 18 months, with this being one to watch as we enter 2022.


Grey bathroom tiles have had a 1200% increase in searches over the pandemic, with people opting for a sleeker style when it comes to their washrooms.

Vivid colours are still on the mind for some though, with ‘70s avocado green bathroom’ seeing a 714% uplift. While this might resemble days of the past, the surge in demand makes this retro shade one to watch in 2022.

Grey and white bathrooms are up 700%, whilst a blue ocean colour bathroom is also up 625%. These neutral colours are still proving popular with Brit’s year after year. 


Green aesthetic bedroom searches have increased by 8200%, providing peace, tranquility, and an ideal jungle backdrop for all our plants.

Navy wall panelling bedrooms are also up 1743%. Navy wall panels add a different type of sophistication to the home and give walls the added boutique look to bedrooms.

Black, pink, and grey bedrooms are rising in popularity in our bedrooms. This colour scheme has had an increase of 1600% over the pandemic and can be worked for all ages.

Sage green bedrooms have also increased by 1083%, offering a lighter green look and a relaxed feel, as opposed to the more striking darker shades.


A Sudbury yellow hallway that bounces off the sun coming through the front door makes for a warm welcome, with an increase of 1950%. This shade is perfect for spring and will be one to watch as we enter 2022.

Green smoke hallways have increased by 971%, and light sage green hallways have had search uplifts of 625% since the pandemic began, but like green bathrooms and bedrooms, the green colour gives feelings of relaxation and peace.

A modern grey hallway has been searched for 326% more in the past year, with also people

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