A majority of the UK are happy homeowners

Aug 31, 2017
A majority of the UK are happy homeowners
Our Home Satisfaction Survey has revealed that a majority of UK homeowners are satisfied with where they currently live and the home they are living in. Rural homeowners were also found to be most satisfied compared to those living in cities, while satisfaction increases with age and the number of homes an individual has owned. We surveyed more than 5,000 homeowners, asking a variety of questions to see how the British population views its current living arrangements – from the price paid for their property to the area they live in and what they think of the quality of local amenities and transport links. A majority of people are happy with their current home. More than a third (37%) of people said they were extremely satisfied with their current home, with a further 43% saying they were moderately satisfied. That means that in total, 80% of homeowners expressed a positive view of where they live. Rural homeowners were particularly happy about their current home, with 84% claiming they were satisfied. Overall, the results show a nation of content homeowners.

Older people are happier in their current home

Home satisfaction by age groups

It seems that the older people become, the more satisfied they become with their living arrangements. We found that 91% of individuals aged over 65 said they were satisfied in their home compared to 73% of homeowners aged 18-24 who said that they were satisfied.

Rural dwellers are happier than urban homeowners

Home satisfaction by environment

Geography also has an impact on a homeowner’s satisfaction. We found that 84% of people living in rural towns and villages are satisfied compared to 74% of city dwellers, while 80% of those living in suburban environments said they were satisfied. This suggests that greenery and open spaces are important factors in happiness. That’s not to say it’s pivotal though, as residents of each type of environment are largely happy and rural homeowner’s satisfaction only leads by a small margin.

Homeowners are happy with the price they paid

The majority of those asked (70%) were satisfied with the price they paid for their current home, while over 65% said they were satisfied with its current resale value.

Finally, only 4% of the homeowners we asked were dissatisfied with their current home, which suggests that the housing market – when you take age and location into account – is providing quality housing that provides owners with comfortable places to live.

Satisfaction increases from home to home

Home Satisfaction Survey by home

Generally speaking, the number of homes a person has lived in increases their satisfaction. For instance, 77% of first-time homeowners are satisfied with where they live, compared to 81% of second steppers and 89% of people living in their fifth home. This, perhaps, is down to homeowners having a better understanding of what they are looking for, with their own particular tastes developing as they move from home to home.