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What to look for when viewing a property

Jul 26, 2017
What to look for when viewing a property

Here’s our short guide to viewing a property, what to look for and what questions you should be asking...

There is a lot to consider when viewing a potential new home. For first-time buyers property viewings can be more about staying within a budget.

For those buyers already established on the property ladder, a purchase can be more about finding a home that better suits their changing needs, whether that’s by offering more space, a better area and transport links, or simply a home that’s completed to a higher specification.

Here’s our short guide to viewing a property and asking the right questions.

Take your time

Buying a property is a major purchase and yet sometimes people can feel rushed through the experience because they are in someone else’s home. However, it’s simply too important a purchase to be rushed and buyers should feel comfortable returning more than once to make sure they have asked all the right questions and are confident about their purchase.

Of course, with a newly built home there’s no rush because there’s no one in the property. Our sales team can show potential buyers around a property at their own pace. Many of our customers spend time gathering decorating ideas and tips from our highly finished show homes too.

Visit more than once

First-time buyers often have to move fast to snap up an affordable home. However, existing homeowners generally have the luxury of finding it easier to secure a mortgage fast, so can be more measured about what they are looking for in a home.

Even if you are considering a property that could be purchased fast, viewing it more than once gives you a far greater chance of spotting issues – try to plan your visits around different times of day so that you can see what the traffic and noise is like at different times.`

Again, with a newly built home there is no difficulty in visiting at different times, as our team are usually based on the development and will be happy to accommodate you at a time that suits you.

Use all your senses

If you’re buying an existing property then you need to be alert to potential problems. Can you smell damp or spot the tell-tale signs like blistering paint or dark patches on the walls? Are there any hairline cracks in the walls or missing tiles on the roof? Don’t be afraid to look behind furniture or ask to move pictures – it’s a big purchase and you need to know what you would be buying.

newly built home obviously would not have the same potential issues that an older property does. However, if any problems do arise we have a team on hand to assist you. David Wilson homes are also covered by a 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Consider the storage space

When viewing a potential home it’s also a good idea to consider what kind of storage space is available so you know whether or not you can actually fit your household into it.

Sellers of older properties may have removed items and furniture to make it appear larger and some smaller new homes can have an impractical amount of storage. David Wilson newly built homes are built to accommodate modern living with a variety of storage solutions incorporated into our house designs.

How old are the appliances?

If you were buying a second-hand washing machine you would have a lot of questions for the seller. However, when buying a house there is so much to consider that it’s very easy to ignore the condition of the appliances beyond simply checking they will be included.

The last thing you want is to have to buy a new fridge, washing machine, dishwasher or boiler as soon as you have moved in so it’s important you thoroughly check the appliances. What’s more, older appliances can be very inefficient, meaning higher energy bills.

Make sure it is future-proofed

Your future needs and requirements are an important consideration when looking for a suitable house. If you are buying a home for the long term then you need to be sure it will accommodate your ongoing needs, whether that’s enough space for teenagers to have friends round or a big enough garden for any grandchildren to play in – even if that seems a long way off.

Often people buy a David Wilson property because they are built to a generous size and a high specification.

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