Our energy-efficient, brand-new homes could save you up to £2,200 per year on your energy bills^, visit here to discover more.

Moving to a bigger home

Looking for more room for your family? Our bright, spacious homes are built to give you the best of everything, from lovely green spaces to great schools nearby.

Now's a great time to make your move...

Competitive mortgage rates

With lenders competing in the marketplace, mortgage rates remain competitive.

  • Less expensive borrowing costs mean that lenders are able to offer lower rate mortgages.
  • And, if you fix your mortgage repayments you’ve got the added reassurance of knowing what your repayments will be.

Take at look at our handy Home Buying Guide for help navigating the home-buying process.


Tailor your home to suit your style

Once you’ve chosen your new home, the real fun starts as you begin to make your new home your own. Our sales team will happily talk you through the wide range of personalisation options we have – everything from modern flooring to fitted wardrobes, traditional to contemporary.

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