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How Much Is the UK Dishing Out on DIY Repairs?

Jun 12, 2019
How Much Is the UK Dishing Out on DIY Repairs

More than half of UK homeowners have completed a DIY project in the last 12 months, but in many cases they didn’t go quite to plan. Whether you’ve taken on a whole house renovation project or are tackling some long overdue painting and decorating jobs, DIY do-overs are a common occurrence - (unless you live in one of our new homes, of course!)

So, how much are Brits really spending on DIY job repairs? We surveyed more than 2,000 people to find out.


How Much Are Brits Spending on Fixing DIY Jobs Gone Wrong?

DIY can often cause more work when jobs go wrong, with the average self-made DIY complication costing an additional £217 on top of the original amount spent to do the job. On a national scale that’s equivalent to £1.1 billion spent on DIY job repairs.

When it comes to home improvements our research suggests experience is necessary if you want to keep the cost down; those aged 16-24 spend four times as much as the 55+ age group (£435.94 compared to £101.39).

At a regional level, people who renovate homes in London are the highest spenders, paying out £305.95 to rectify their dodgy jobs on average whilst DIY enthusiasts living in Liverpool, Belfast and Birmingham experienced the most disasters from DIY overall.

Breaking that down to time spent redoing DIY however, it turns out homeowners in Brighton and Newcastle run over their planned project time by the most – spending 46 hours or more.

Nonchalant Next Door Neighbours

Our research suggests it’s not only our own DIY mistakes causing us to fork out, but our next door neighbour’s dodgy decorating too.

You don’t need to worry though, our new homes are top  quality and require much less DIY to put your personal stamp on things than an older property. In fact, research carried out by the Home Builders Federation has found that the cost of upgrading an older property to the same standard as a new build home could be as much as £50,000.

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