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6 common mistakes sellers make that can put a buyer off purchasing a property

Apr 04, 2023
6 common mistakes sellers make that can put a buyer off purchasing a property
When it comes to selling a property, homeowners are frequently making mistakes that could put a potential buyer off.
To help them shift their home off the market and to help buyers ask the right questions, David Wilson Homes has revealed 6 common mistakes sellers are making whilst conducting viewings.

1. Not having the correct temperature 

Having the correct temperature is vital when selling a home. If it’s too cold, a prospective buyer probably won't want to look around for long and will think of reasons to leave quickly.
Showing them around in a cold building could lead to worries about heating bills and heating up the home during the winter months. The same applies when a house is too hot, a future buyer could cut a viewing short because the temperature is uncomfortable. 18 degrees is the perfect temperature for a home according to the World Health Organisation. 

2. Preventing customisation 

Buying a new build home as opposed to an old build will allow a potential buyer to see how they can create a home on a blank canvas. Purchasing an old building won't allow a buyer to do that as someone else is already owning the property, especially if a colour scheme isn’t to a buyer's taste. To prevent this mistake, make sure all the walls are of a neutral colour. 

3. Not disclosing the parking situation

Almost all newbuilds will come with onsite parking whereas an old building might not come with a desired car parking space, and it’s important to disclose this during or ahead of the viewing
If a prospective new home doesn’t have parking, the buyer will need to have a drive around the area at different times of the day, on both weekdays and weekends to assess parking accessibility. The buyer should be asking themselves questions such as the easiness of carrying a weekly shop and children into the house from the car. Will a permit be needed? Potential buyers will be put off by a house if they don’t have easy entrance and exit routes. 

4. Over-cluttering 

Less is more. Buyers want a home with a good amount of space. Cluttering a house can be overwhelming when it comes to viewing, so maximising space is key to selling a home. A cluttered home can also be hazardous when it comes to selling the property and could potentially devalue the property when it has its valuation. 

5. Not being honest about noise 

 Potential buyers might be put off if they hear lots of noise during a viewing. Again, walking around the area at different times and on different days can help a potential buyer gain more insight into how noisy or quiet an area is. For example, a Sunday afternoon might be quieter than a Friday evening.  A buyer should always ask about the different noise levels, especially from neighbours, schools, local traffic, and shops. 

6. Not cleaning gardens 

Both front and back gardens are important and could easily put a buyer off if they aren’t in good shape. Having an unorganised garden is not only a safety hazard but also makes it difficult for the buyer to visualise its potential. Sellers will need to be honest about the work that has been done around the property, and what can versus can’t be done. 
When it comes to selling a house, buyers are looking for a modern, clean, and simple approach. A seller needs to be friendly, approachable, and able to have answers to all questions, whereas a buyer will need to be more curious, open-minded, and patient.