Our energy-efficient brand-new homes could ease the impact of rising energy prices, visit here to discover more.


Need a little more room for your growing family? Our bright, spacious homes are built to give you the best of everything, from lovely green spaces to great schools nearby.

Original character

We create homes with generous, flexible rooms, that can easily adapt to the way you and your family want to live. Our homes feel spacious because we use design cleverly; our layouts are free-flowing and use the maximum amount of natural light. You won’t have to wait for that morning shower with our master bedroom ensuites, and entertaining will be easier with spare rooms for your guests. In fact, you’ll have the ideal space for work, rest and play in your David Wilson home.

Being close to the things that really matter is crucial when you’re looking for a family home. We put a lot of thought into where we build our developments, using the best suburban and rural locations. And we make sure each development feels like it’s truly part of the local area, keeping much of the original character.

The little details are important to us. We’re particular about every element of our homes, from the colour of the brick to size of the windows. And we use only strong, robust materials that will last. And we don’t just stop with our interiors. You’ll see how we put real care into our developments, from the landscaping to the generous size of our plant pots. It’s these little touches that make every David Wilson development a great place to build a happy future with your family.

A breath of fresh air

See how we’re creating unique neighbourhoods that really make the most of their natural surroundings.

Ideal locations

We choose only the best land in the most desirable suburban and rural locations.

Local heritage

Our developments echo the local environment as we retain hedgerows, trees and plants to encourage local wildlife.

Sense of place

Attractive landscaping and street scenes create a place that you’ll love to live.

Open space

Our developments offer space to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sought-after views

We plan the orientation of our homes to give you the most attractive views. 


Our homes and developments are built to maximise both light and privacy.

A little peace of mind

We want you to be as confident about the quality and efficiency of our homes as we are, and your peace of mind really matters to us. That’s why our homes are covered by a 10 year structural warranty, plus a 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty on virtually all our homes^.

We’re the only house builder in the country that offers this because we know the less you have to worry about, the more you can get on with enjoying the important things in life.


^First 2 years covered by Builder Warranty & NHBC Guarantee or similar. Years 3-10 covered by NHBC insurance or similar.  Full exclusions and limitations can be found on the NHBC website. Available on virtually all of our developments.