Winter warmers to make in your new build kitchen

Nov 05, 2019
Winter warmers to make in your new build kitchen

With the turning of the season comes colder and darker nights. So, in your quest for a much needed pick-me-up, enjoy cooking these perfect winter recipes in your new build kitchen. And rest assured, David Wilson kitchens are designed with an ideal layout in mind. So you can relax and enjoy the experience of cooking in your spacious home.

Comforting oven dishes

The oven is a staple in the kitchen and can create a number of wonderful dishes. Make the most of your new build kitchen this winter by cooking up classic roast dinners, braised meats and humble desserts. These kinds of dishes are perfect for the entire family or even for dinner parties. Serve them up with tasty side dishes such as aromatic couscous or creamy mashed potato. Experiment with flavours such as sage, tarragon and cinnamon for an exciting twist on a classic dish.

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Warm salad recipes

Salads aren't just for the summer months, they can also be great winter warmers too. Try something new in your kitchen by cooking up a warm salad as a healthy alternative. Warm salads are perfect for when you want something comforting and healthy, but may not have the time to cook a hearty meal. Play around with flavours and ingredients such as roasted beetroot and buckwheat or grilled salmon and mint.

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Quick and easy Pho

Pho is a classic Vietnamese soup dish, with vibrant flavours. It's a warming dish that's easy to cook, and satisfying without being stodgy. By using classic Asian ingredients such as lemongrass, ginger and coriander, you can easily cook up a hearty bowl of Pho in your brand new kitchen.

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Indulgent hot chocolate drinks

Hot chocolate is a delicious winter warmer and can easily lift your spirits on a gloomy day. Perfect for little ones too, this classic drink can be made in a number of ways. Melt down your favourite bar of chocolate with some pouring cream for an indulgent drink or keep it simple with whole milk and cocoa powder. Top with marshmallows or whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

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Hearty casseroles

By definition, a casserole is a kind of stew that is slowly cooked in the oven. This opens up your kitchen to comfort foods that will help to keep you warm on a cold winters night. It's an easy weekday meal which is perfect for the entire family. Casseroles can be whatever you want them to be, so fill them with your favourite ingredients and serve them piping hot.

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The humble soup

When the weather outside is unwelcoming, turn to the humble soup to warm yourself up. Ideal for lunchtime and dinner, soup dishes can be made from anything that is occupying your cupboard. An easy meal to make, simply cook all of the ingredients in one pot with some herbs and spices and you have a dish the whole family will love. Serve with freshly made slices of bread and a drizzle of cream.

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