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Things to consider when buying your new family home

Jul 26, 2017
Things to consider when buying your new family home

If you’re buying a new family home, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find a place that works not only for you but your partner and kids as well. To lift the stress off your shoulders, here’s a checklist of the top things to consider when buying your next family home.

Check catchment areas for local schools

If you have school-age children or you’re planning to start a family, it’s worth moving to a home within catchment of the best local schools. The easiest way to check is by visiting property websites or council websites and use their tools that tell you which schools are nearby as well as the latest Ofsted ratings. If your children are preschool age, make sure you check for spaces at local nurseries and day care centres.

Research local facilities

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, you’ll probably want to be as close as possible to local sports and leisure facilities, nice restaurants, supermarkets and cinemas. Before moving to a new home, check which clubs and classes are in the local area – from swimming to football, dance, and everything in-between – and find out if there’s a park within walking distance.

New build developers are obliged to contribute to the local community financially and must look to include leisure facilities and park land within their plans. So it’s worth researching what developers have in mind. For instance, local council and developers might have agreed for the developers to contribute towards the building of a new school which will cater for the increase in families moving to the area.

Think about safety

If you have children, safety will be a major priority for your next home. Think, how busy are the roads nearby? Will you need to make any safety improvements inside the house? Is the garden enclosed, or will it need to be fenced off? Is there a neighbourhood watch scheme in the area? Before you consider making an offer on a property, consider every safety angle you can, including whether the property comes with quality locks, doors, windows or fitted alarms.

Find out more about the local community

A friendly neighbourhood is a major plus-point for your new family home, so make sure you take the time to discover more about the local area before making an offer – especially if you’re moving to an unfamiliar place. Have a chat with potential neighbours, keep an eye out for local pubs, and always make sure you do a drive-by after dark.

Make the process as straightforward as possible

The news that many people are considering downsizing to release hard earned cash is certainly music to the ears of many house hunters. But bear in mind that many of these properties may be in need of modernisation, which needs to be factored in. If you want to avoid lots of DIY decorating, visit new build show homes to find out more about energy-efficient, family-friendly homes with no onward chain to worry about.

Leave your childhood memories behind

According to Sarah Beeny’s online estate agency, Tepilo, childhood memories have a big influence on how we choose a new home. Their research shows that 57% of people would bring up their family in a home just like the one they grew up in, and one-third of adults already live in a house that’s similar to their old family home. Although it’s great to be influenced by fond childhood memories, don’t succumb to tunnel vision and make sure you view alternatives. You could be pleasantly surprised.