The best day of the week to move into a new build

Feb 08, 2018
Best day of the week to move house

If you’re looking forward to getting the keys to your new home, you may be counting down the days until completion date. You might also be unsure when the best day to move house is, however, with a new build home, there is often flexibility meaning you can choose a day that suits you. To help you to choose the right day for you, we’ve created this guide which highlights the pros and cons of the different days to move house.

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I thought I had to move on a Friday?

You may have heard that all legal completions happen on a Friday, but this is not always the case. It is a popular day, but choosing a Friday might not be ideal for you. If there was a delay in your funds being transferred, for instance, because solicitors don’t work on weekends, you won’t be able to complete until the next working day. The last Friday in a month is the peak day for transfers, so might be a day you want to avoid as there’s more chance of there being a delay. If you did have to wait until the Monday to move in, how could this affect you?  If you had a removals lorry filled with your belongings ready to go and no home to move into, would you have somewhere to stay for two days? These are questions you should ask yourself before you commit to a Friday moving day.

Completing on a Thursday can be better than a Friday because:

  • New build developments are usually quieter making it easier for removals companies
  • There’s less risk of a holdup and, even if there was a delay, you should be able to complete on the next day
  • You’d still benefit from having the weekend to unpack and find your bearings, before going back to work
  • It can be easier to book a removals lorry as they tend to be fully booked up on Fridays, often well in advance.

What about earlier in the week?

If you choose to move earlier in the week, there are several benefits:
  • The Site Managers and Sales Advisers will be able to dedicate more time to you when they hand you your keys
  • If you have any additional questions or queries, the Site Managers and Sales Advisers will be on-site to provide any support you need in the first few days
  • Some removals company offer discounts of up to 30% because these days are quieter
  • If you want a handyman to put up furniture or complete small tasks for you, this should be easier to arrange, as you’re not asking them to come out at a weekend
  • Your removals company will find the development much easier to navigate because there’ll be less congestion on the development

Have you come to a decision?

When you sit down with your Sales Adviser and discuss your moving in date, ask what days they would recommend for being quieter. It’s worth bearing in mind that whatever day you’d like to move; you may have to compromise if you’re in a chain.

You’ll need to agree a date well in advance and to minimise the risk of there being a hold-up you should make sure the whole chain is unconditionally exchanged.


The best way to prepare yourself for moving day is to ensure you are ready to be in an unconditional contract and to have the necessary funds organised well in advance. Explain to your solicitor if there are any other problems which might stop the completion happening. If the completion is delayed, for instance, your solicitor can protect your funds for as long as they need to and return them to the lender if required.

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