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Ideas for installing your own home gym

Mar 14, 2018
Ideas for installing your own home gym

If you have a spare room in your home, you might be thinking about installing your own home gym.

Here, we outline a few things you’ll want to consider, whether you plan on converting a spare bedroom, or if there’s another space you’ve highlighted that’s perfect for a treadmill or your other favourite equipment.

Why have a home gym?

If you feel a gym membership is too costly, a home gym is one option you may want to explore. The convenience is also a benefit as you won’t have to travel to and from a local gym. Plus, if you have specialised workout routines, you might be able to set up your home gym exactly how you need it.

What do I need?

If you decide you want a home gym, the room you choose must have a ceiling height of around 7ft or you’ll find that you’re restricted when it comes to the equipment you can have. You’ll want at least one window that you can open when you’re working out to help air circulate and a fan to cool you down.

Picking your equipment

Buying expensive multi-gyms and cardio equipment that you rarely use can be expensive. Instead, it can be much better to buy second hand from eBay, Gumtree or Freecycle, or buy the basics first and add other pieces later. Some items you may want to consider buying:
  • Bench
  • Weight plates and barbells
  • Rack
  • Kettlebells or dumbbells
If you’re a fan of a treadmill, rower, exercise bike or cross-trainer you may want to get one for your home gym that is foldable or space-saving. If any of the items you purchase are over the single item limit set by your home insurer, you should let them know. You may need to pay a supplement but if they were stolen or damaged, you’d receive their full value back. It might be worth spending a few minutes reading through your home insurance policy documents and security marking your equipment.

Do you want to watch TV or listen to music while you work out?

When you’re deciding on the layout of your gym, don’t forget to leave yourself some floor space for stretches and floor-based exercises. If you like to watch workout DVDs or exercise videos on YouTube, you may want a flat screen TV fitting to the wall. You might also want to hook up speakers too, so that you can listen to your favourite motivational music as you’re working up a sweat. Remember, if you’re converting your garage or using your conservatory, make sure there are adequate plug sockets and that they’re in the right place.

Think about your lighting

Lighting is important as you’ll want your home gym to feel bright and vibrant. Windows and skylights can let in natural light which is ideal. You should ensure that the artificial lights you install aren’t harsh, so avoid fluorescent lighting. Dimmer switches can be a good idea, as you can lower the lighting levels when you’re doing stretching.

Choose the right flooring

It’s important that you choose the right flooring for your home gym. You’ll need to decide whether you want carpet or a wooden, tiled, foam, vinyl or laminate floor. Your choice will dictate how easy it easy to clean up after exercise, while the right flooring can also help prevent noise or damage to your gym equipment

Create something individual

Your home gym doesn’t need to be all-white, why not mix things up by having brightly coloured walls? A few inspirational quotes could help give you an energy boost on days when you’re feeling lethargic, so why not choose some suitable wall stickers? Example quotes include:
  • “Be Stronger Than Your Excuses”
  • “3 Months From Now, You Will Thank Yourself”
  • “This Is My Me Time”
  • “Demand More Of Yourself”
If you have any sporting memorabilia, why not have it framed and put up? A mirror along one wall can help make your room seem more spacious and allow you to check whether you’re doing exercises right. You’ll also be able to see how your body shape changes over time.