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How to throw the perfect summer party

Jul 31, 2019
How to throw the perfect summer party

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than hosting a gathering for all of your friends and family. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor soiree, these tips are designed to help you throw the perfect summer party in your new build home this season.

Send out invitations

Throwing a summer party is all about being surrounded by loved ones and enjoying the summer sun. So start off by inviting your guests, outlining the details of your party. Let them know the time, date and dress code. It'll be helpful to detail whether they'll need to bring a swim suit for the children, just in case you plan on having a paddling pool at your party. To avoid people missing out on food, mention what time the BBQ will be fired up. Ask for RSVP's so that you can prepare adequately for the number of guests.

Organise seating areas

If you have a lot of guests coming over, you may need to organise seating areas. To make the home feel less crowded, spill out into the garden with some well-placed furniture. If you run out of chairs, lay down some blankets and cushions for your guests to lounge around, picnic-style.

If you have a large garden, let your guests mingle and roam by designating seating areas in different parts of the garden. For example, you could create a quiet nook for those looking to escape the sun. Or set up a drinks station so your guests can help themselves.

Decorate for the occasion

A summer party wouldn't be complete without a few decorations here and there. If you're planning a themed party, go all out on the decorations so that your guests really get into the party spirit.

A few summer party favourites include:

  • Bunting - perfect for indoor and outdoor parties
  • String lights - these look great draped around a big tree
  • Outdoor lanterns - dot these around your garden for extra lighting when the sun goes down
  • Tea lights - a few of these on the dinner table will create the perfect atmosphere
  • A flower centrepiece - take inspiration from your garden and put together a flowery centrepiece
  • Decorative herbs - tie some rosemary, lavender and thyme together for a decorative bouquet
  • Table runners - not only will these keep the table clean, but they can also add another element of colour or pattern

Music and entertainment

Throwing a summer party would be nothing without music and entertainment. Find the perfect playlist on streaming sites such as Spotify. They have a wide range of summer playlists, perfect for any party. Or if you prefer something a little different, why not bring out the old CDs, records or tapes for a sense of nostalgia.

Once you have the music arranged, it could be an idea to invest in some party games. This will keep your guests and their kids entertained for the entire night. If you're taking the party outside, a paddling pool could be a great way to keep the kids busy and happy for hours.

Food and drink

When throwing your summer party, try matching the menu to the weather to ensure that your guests have the best experience. On a hot summer's day, your guests will appreciate a refreshing drink and a light appetiser. If it's a cooler evening, try rich foods.

Don't be afraid to mix and match plates and cutlery. Contrasting patterns and colours add to the decorations, as well as making your food look even more appetising.

Prepare for the weather

When throwing a summer party, watching the weather will be very important. If it looks to be a rainy afternoon, keep the food and games inside just incase your guests need to run for cover. If it's a particularly windy day, keep the tablecloth from flying away by putting down some decorative weights. These could be in the form of pretty rocks found in the garden or more ornamental candles or vases. Or, you can even ditch the tablecloth altogether.

Have fun with your outdoor space

New build gardens are perfect for hosting summer parties. They are designed as a blank canvas so you can add in personal touches that suit you. To find out how you can personalise your David Wilson garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful tips and tricks, or discover a development near you today.