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Top bathroom interior design trends for this season

Jul 17, 2019
Top bathroom interior design trends for this season

The bathroom is often an over-looked part of the home when it comes to interior design. But with these key bathroom trends, you'll be able to breathe new life into that essential room in your home.

Hints of vibrant colours

Against neutral tiling and suites, adding pops of colour to your bathroom through accessories and wall art can be really affective. With just a few hints dotted around, it can elevate the bathroom without becoming too over powering in a smaller room.

Sticking to just one or two bold colours, avoids the room looking messy and allows the theme to flow through. Go for bright towels and bathmats, and contrasting trinkets which against white, will look incredibly modern.

A twist on traditional blue

For many homes, blue is the go to color when it comes to painting the bathroom. It provides a fresh feeling and is very fitting for a room all about water.

For a trendy alternative and twist on the traditional shade, opt for turquoise instead. Not only does it still look fresh, it can also be a relaxing color and matches well with light tiling.

Dark tiling and an industrial feel

Industrial themed bathrooms is a huge interior design trend right now. However, if you don't want to opt for a whole industrial looking suite which isn't very versatile or long-lasting, there are simpler ways the look can be added to your home.

Through dark tiling, grey accessories and metal framed shelving and mirrors, an industrial inspired bathroom can be achieved in any new build home.

Add some greenery

It might feel a little unusual to add a plant to the bathroom. However, doing so can be a great addition. The trend has risen rapidly on Instagram and Pinterest, with the contrast of green against white tiling looking striking on pictures.

The trend almost creates a green house feel, and once again can be easily acheived in a new build home.

However, the choice of plant is important, with not all suitable to live through the day to day use of a steamy shower and high humidity. Spider Plants, Ivy, Cast Iron Plants and Snake Plants however, will all thrive in the conditions.

Accessorise your bath tub

Bath trays have become the must have item for any bathroom. A simple wooden plank which fits over the bathtub, makes the perfect place to add extra decorative pieces. And also doubles up as the perfect drink holder.

Candles, your favourite beauty products or a vase of flowers. There are plenty of ways to accessorise a bath tray.