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How to Calm Pets on Fireworks Night

Oct 28, 2018
How to Calm Pets on Fireworks Night
Bonfire night is a seasonal occasion which many of us look forward to. A chance for local communities to get together and enjoy the impressive displays while devouring delicious and traditional food. But the night isn’t enjoyed by everyone, and in particular pets can find it extremely terrifying. Here’s our tips on how to keep your animals calm this 5th November.

Keep animals inside

It’s important that you keep an eye on your pets. Ensure they are kept inside during the whole evening, due to both the lights and noise being potentially scary. So, make sure the cat flaps are covered, and any hutches containing smaller pets are brought inside for the night.

Once inside, we recommend shutting the curtains, putting the heating on and turning on lamps or soft lighting to make it a cosy atmosphere for your pets.

Shut all windows and doors

Try and shut out as much sound as possible during the night, as animals have heightened hearing. A noise which might not seem loud to a human, might be incredibly scary for a pet.

Keeping windows and doors shut will help to reduce the levels of noise, especially effective as all of our homes come with double glazing.

Play calming music

To drown out the noise even more, we recommend putting on some calming music. Something instrumental will work particularly well.

Use calming sprays

Like humans, certain smells can help to reassure and calm pets. Special calming sprays are available from most pet stores, and can be sprayed over their beds, blankets or in the air around them.

Keep your pets happy

Keeping your pets as happy as possible during Bonfire Night is key. Provide them with lots of treats, play games with them, provide them with toys, cuddle and pet them. Your undivided attention and love will go a long way and reassure them they are in a safe place.

Ensure your dogs get exercise during the day

Getting lots of exercise during the day will tire them out so they are happier and more relaxed in the evening. If you normally give them an evening walk, we recommend avoiding this and instead adding in an extra walk during the day.

These tips should help to keep your pets as calm as possible during the evening, but if you have any further concerns then contact the RSPCA.