Choosing the ideal home for your family

Jul 17, 2019
Choosing the ideal home for your family

Life changes when you have a child to think about. Whether you have a baby now, or are about to become parents in the near future, you may be thinking about the practicalities of buying your new home. To help in your property search, here are some key questions you should ask yourself when choosing the ideal home for your family.

What’s the road like?

Being on a busy road may cause issues. Not only could traffic noise wake up your baby during nap time, but as they grow up you may have safety concerns walking them to and from school.

Where can I park?

If you’re looking at an older property with no driveway, having to park in the street could be problematic. With a new build home on a development, you will usually have your own garage and / or driveway. This can make things much easier, especially when bringing home the weekly food shop or carrying in a baby car seat.

Is there enough space?

Babies have a lot of possessions. From cots and swings, to toys and clothes – you’ll need room to store things away. As well as needing their own bedroom from six months, you’ll probably want a family room or playroom for your child. This will allow them space to play, and hopefully keep your lounge tidier than it would be otherwise.

Is it open plan?

In many new build homes you’ll find an open plan kitchen/dining room with room for a table and chairs, as well as an area for a sofa and TV. This way your baby can sit in the highchair or play, while you prepare dinner and keep an eye on them. As your child grows, the kitchen will remain your family room, a place where happy memories are made.

Is the location right?

Being close to parks and children’s centres is useful as you’ll have plenty of activities available to you within a short walk. And having a good local shop can be handy if you run out of essentials. If you choose to buy a new build on a development you may find that there are other families nearby that you can socialise with and your babies may become friends as they grow up.

You might not be thinking of schools yet but being in the catchment area for good schools is going to matter.

Do your research now and see if your locations are right for the schools you prefer. Even if you’re only planning on living in your next home for the short term, being in the catchment area for good schools could help you sell your property down the road.

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