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A guide to house prices in Brighton

Dec 02, 2021
A guide to house prices in Brighton

As one of the UK’s most inclusive and exciting cities, Brighton is a hugely popular place to live. This translates into the house prices you’ll find in the area, which have shown plenty of strength over the years. Whether you live in the city centre or in a neighbouring place such as Worthing or Eastbourne, read on for the lowdown on house prices in Brighton.

House prices in Brighton

Being one of the most sought-after seaside resorts in the country, it should come as little surprise that Brighton house prices are above the national average. They’re also a little higher than the Sussex average, although they’re very much on a par with the regional average across the South East. Different suburbs may have varying degrees of appeal to different types of homebuyers, but there’s housing to suit a good range of budgets in Brighton.

Where to live in Brighton

The size of your budget will naturally play a significant role when deciding where to live, but the condition of individual properties also has a major impact on price. You’re sure to find a turn-key if you want to move into the finished article, and if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as that in the neighbourhood you like, a fixer-upper could be the way to go.

Brighton Seafront

For the best sea views, Brighton’s seafront is tough to beat. You can find some of the strongest house prices Brighton and Hove have to offer along the seafront in central spots, while the Brunswick Town area and Kemptown provide further options where prices can be more affordable than in the city centre.


If you’re looking for a more residential place to live, the suburb of Whitehawk to the east of town is well worth a look. With plenty of modern housing, amenities and schools for your kids, this neighbourhood provides plenty of things to do.


Just a few miles east of the city centre the other side of Brighton Marina, Saltdean is a lovely coastal village bordered by the South Downs one way and the national park’s iconic white chalk cliffs the others. With more affordable house prices than central Brighton, don’t miss our brilliant collection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes on Chalkers Rise development not far from here.


Next door to Brighton there’s a jump up in house prices as you hop across the seafront. Hove is known for having a slightly more relaxed feel, as well as a few more green spaces than its neighbour to complement the seaside lifestyle, while all of Brighton’s attractions are still close at hand.

Burgess Hill

Around 10 miles north of Brighton’s seafront, Burgess Hill is only 10 minutes away on the train and just 50 minutes from London, meaning you get brilliant access both to the seaside and the capital.