Sustainable ways of working

Building homes and new communities can have a big impact on the environment. Which is why we aim to minimise waste and reduce energy as much as possible when creating beautifully designed, high quality homes for people to enjoy.

Recycled and reused

One of the ways we ensure that we remain environmentally aware is by reducing carbon intensity across many aspects of our business including our offices, travel and building sites. 

The way we handle waste on site plays a big part in ensuring high standards of sustainability. The reduction, reusing and recycling of waste largely attributes to our being one of the most responsible developers when handling our on-site waste. In fact, 95% of all our waste is recycled rather than ending up in landfill.*

For more information on how we build sustainable homes, download a copy of our brochure.

Innovative and comfortable new homes

As a founding partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability (Homes) School, all our construction partners are now also members. This means they can work towards improving the sustainability of their own business. Whether that’s by gaining free access to training and information, or support and encouragement to work together with us, we can solve challenging sustainability issues. We also support UK businesses, sourcing 90%* of our materials from the UK alone, reducing the environmental implications of import and shipping.

All our efforts not only contribute towards creating innovative and comfortable new homes but also reduce the impact upon the environment. 

* Barratt Developments Sustainability Report 2016