Our energy-efficient brand-new homes could ease the impact of rising energy prices, visit here to discover more.


If you’re ready for a change then our new homes, built with expert craftsmanship and an eye for the finer details, could be ideal for you.

Quality in every detail

It all starts with the right location. The land for all of our developments is carefully chosen, from the natural beauty of the local surroundings to the amenities nearby. Each development has real character and respect for the local heritage.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Inside and out, our new homes are built to the highest standards. You’ll see how we’ve combined our love for the finest traditions of British architecture with the best of modern living.

Step inside your new home, and you’ll see how we create spaces that you’ll always feel comfortable in. Each home is bright, spacious and designed for the way you want to live, from our warm, welcoming kitchens to the generous bathrooms. You’ll  be able to enjoy dinner parties with your friends, and create your own calm oasis in the garden.

We’ll be here to help you every step of the way, taking the stress out of moving so you can enjoy settling into a home you’ll be proud to call your own.

A place to call home

Whatever your style, traditional or modern, our personalisation options allow you to create a home that has your personal touch:


Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday breakfast or hosting a big family meal, you can create a kitchen that’s right for any occasion. From stylish worktops to the right lighting, your kitchen can become the heart of your new home.


Whether you want to take a long soak in a deep bath or have an invigorating shower, you can make your bathrooms a blend of the luxurious and practical.


We offer you a range of flooring options, from distinctive tiling to quality carpets, that will be ready for you when you take the first step into your new home.


We know that a bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head. So you can add your personal touch to each bedroom, from fitted wardrobes to smart multi-media units.


You can tailor your home to the finish you want.


Fine details, such as taps, shower fittings and light switches, can all be specified.

Making your move is simple

Our new homes will give you all the comfort and space you need. But finding the right home is just the start. We will guide you through every step of the buying process – from helping you to find the right home to arranging the move itself. It’s all part of our five-star customer service. 

We make sure we get the details right, so that your first day in your new home will feel special. 

Saving you money

Running a family home can be expensive. But our homes are up to 55% more energy efficient than a similar sized older home, even after it's been modernised**. We use the latest in heat-insulation materials in the construction of our homes to keep the heat in, so comfort and warmth are guaranteed.


**Costs based upon the comparison of a new build four-bed detached house built to 2010 regulations vs. Victorian property (upgraded with modern-day improvements). An upgraded Victorian home means one which has the following improvements over original build specification: 200mm loft insulation, double glazing to half of all windows, a 72% efficient (non-condensing) gas boiler and insulated hot water cylinder.  Source: Zero Carbon Hub and NHBC Foundation 2012.