Keeping the heat in and the cold out

Superior insulation ensures that heat stays in your home and energy consumption is minimised. Our double-glazed windows are filled with argon gas to significantly reduce heat loss and external noise, whilst a low-emissive coating invites the sun’s heat into your home. Our homes are created with energy efficiency at the heart of their design, so it’s no surprise that they’re between 45% and 55% more energy efficient than the same sized older home, with modern improvements. This means you could save a staggering £1,312 a year on your energy bills!*

  • Loft spaces contain up to 400mm of mineral fibre insulation, reducing the loss of rising heat.
  • Our homes we use the highest-rated SEDBUK condenser boilers and low heat-loss water cylinders to ensure your water stays hotter for longer.
  • All our kitchen appliances have either an A or A+ efficiency rating, while the fittings integrated into kitchens and bathrooms could save up to 30 litres of water a day per person.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs are used wherever possible, which can reduce the energy consumption for lighting in your home by up to 90% without compromising the quality and feel of the light they produce.

For more information on how we build sustainable homes, download a copy of our booklet here.


Saving money whilst saving the planet

There are several ways you can save money whilst being energy efficient and doing your bit for the planet. Did you know turning the thermostat down by just 1ºC could reduce the average heating bill by up to £75*. It is unlikely that you will notice the change in temperature, but you will see the difference to your energy bill. Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to adjust a radiator’s temperature and the kitchen should be set lower than the living room, as other appliances will also give off a little heat.



We typically use two thirds of our water in the bathroom*** and the amount wasted is astonishing, so try to take a shower instead of bathing as it uses 20% less energy+. Cut down the time you spend in the shower by a minute or two and you’ll really notice the difference to water bills. Turning off the tap when you brush your teeth could save you a staggering 7 or more litres per minute++.



By switching off lights and appliances in the rooms you’re not using, you could save up to £37 a year+++. At night-time, try to avoid leaving mobile phones, tablets and laptops charging as they continue to consume energy even when their charge is full.


Gardens and local wildlife

We have partnered with the RSPB, the country’s largest nature conservation charity to help advise ways in which you can give nature a home in your garden. We are also helping save the British honeybee, by working with the Bee Keepers Association to make sure the plants we use on our developments are bee-friendly.


As well as making green spaces more pleasant, trees, shrubs and climbers help support local wildlife. We plant an average of 20 of them for each home we build and during the course of a year across our developments we plant or retain 310,000 trees and shrubs.


Responsibly sourced materials

We work with suppliers who have or are working towards ISO14001 - the world’s most popular standard for environmental management. As far as possible all our timber is responsibly sourced, minimising deforestation. It’s either FSC approved (Forestry Stewardship Council) or PEFC approved (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). We always try to minimise our impact on the local and wider environment as much as we can so we use thermal and acoustic insulating materials and other substances that have a Global Warning potential of zero. This means that no harmful materials are used in their manufacture.

The results of all of this are that our new homes are not only comfortable for you but they are better for the world we live in too.