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Preparing your home for an estate agent valuation

There are two key visits to your property to prepare for when putting your house on the market; the valuation of your property from an estate agent, and a visit from the estate agent’s professional photographer to capture your home at its best for their marketing materials.

When it comes to selecting the estate agent you feel will do the best job to get your property seen and sold, you may have a good recommendation from a friend or family member for an estate agent you can count on. Additionally, you may get the opinion of 2 or 3 estate agents in your area to see where their valuations come in and what services and effort they will go to sell your property and crucially, at what price. Your relationship with your estate agent is crucial, as they will be the conduit between any potential buyers of your property and the go-between in any tricky negotiations, delays or house-buyer chain implications. You may also want to consider the growing trend for advertising your current home online.

What is involved in a property valuation with an estate agent?

The first time an estate agent visits your property to assess its suitability and value for putting your home up for sale, it is as much about you getting to know the estate agent that may represent your property, it is also their chance to put a value on your property and to discuss their services and fees.

They should be able to show you other similar properties to yours and their valuation and final selling price they went for and provide guidance on market appetite for a property like yours.

A property valuation visit might last up to one hour, depending on the size of the property, how many questions you have and the estate agent’s keenness to be awarded your business.

Once appointed, your estate agent will want to send a professional photographer to your property to capture photos of every room and some external shots too.

Having the best possible photographs of your property for use with marketing materials is your chance to stand out, make the property look at its most appealing and hopefully, get more, higher and faster bids or at least, viewings.

Declutter – Remove any superfluous items, arrange cushions and throws neatly, remove rugs where you have a great floor to show off. Tidy up any garden space and move any vehicles that obscure the view of the property. Bins, hoovers, mops and other cleaning materials need not be on show.

Set the scene – Consider moving furniture around for the benefit of the evaluation and photography. Open curtains and blinds and allow as much natural light in as possible. You may want to get in some fresh flowers but the adage of freshly baked bread to help sell your house won’t come through in photography. Cutting the lawn can showcase your attention to detail and regular upkeep of the property and give a buyer confidence that it is a property well looked after.

Prepping your current home for selling will free up more time for identifying your next property move.

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