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The 5 most memorable homes in Christmas Films

How do you know when you’re watching a Christmas film? Is it the overwhelming display of decoration? Or should the festive setting have a message of human goodwill? Perhaps all that’s needed are some nice bells jingling away in the background.

Last year, the British public decided in a YouGov vote that Die Hard is not a Christmas film, which some thought might finally end years of debate on a contentious choice of festive watching. Still, it’s hard to argue against the fact that it features all of the above elements, so until it’s actually made illegal to watch Die Hard at Christmas, the debate will live on.

We all have our own choice of essential festive viewing, but one thing that most of the great Christmas films all have in common are some very memorable homes. Whether it’s a dream home filled with inspiring winter home décor, or a spooky house haunted by the ghosts of some dead Muppets, they are remembered for many reasons but remain printed in our cultural imagination. Whichever your favourite is, let’s take a look at 5 of the most memorable homes featured in some of the greatest Christmas films ever made.

Susan’s Dream House - Miracle on 34th Street

A true Christmas classic, this beautiful tale about whether to believe in Santa Claus has transcended generations with its enduring message of faith. In it, the young Susan tests the true power of Kris Kringle by wishing for a stunning dream house, which is packed with colourful presents and decorations. It’s the archetypal festive home and a great source of inspiration for Christmas interior design ideas.

Rosehill Cottage - The Holiday

Originally released in 2006 to average reviews, The Holiday has recently become something of a modern classic that’s watched by more people each year. While some Christmas films emphasise the extravagancies of Christmas, the beautiful stone cottage of The Holiday takes us back to the basics – proving that all you need for a great Christmas is a place to keep warm, and Jude Law.

Mount Crumpit – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

More mountain than house, this is still the recognisable home of The Grinch, the mischievous anti-hero that appeals to anyone who gets a bit fed up of Christmas sometimes. Mount Crumpit is a fantastical lair filled with imaginative contraptions, and the imposing peak leers over the cheery town of Whoville, serving as a reminder to always remember the true meaning of Christmas.


The Household of Ebenezer Scrooge – A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge - tight-fisted misery, or just energy efficient? The home of everyone’s favourite festive miser is memorable for all the wrong reasons. The striking imagery of cold, dark corridors in Scrooge’s empty household reminds us exactly what a home shouldn’t look like at Christmas. But at least he got to spend Christmas day with Kermit The Frog.


The McAllister Family Home - Home Alone

Nevermind Christmas films, surely there is no house in cinema more iconic than the home of Kevin McAllister? The Georgian mansion is as important to the plot of Home Alone as Kevin, giving our protagonist a space to fill with his ingenious traps. The concept is so well realised, that it almost compels the audience to imagine the creative ways they might defend their home, in the unlikely event it was burgled by Joe Pesci.

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