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Things people forget when moving house

Moving house can be a hectic and stressful experience, so it’s no wonder that you may forget a thing or two in the process.

To make sure you have all bases covered, we’ve put together a list of things people often forget during the big move.

Choosing a good day of the week to move

Many people opt for a Friday to move house, giving themselves the weekend to sort through boxes and start settling in. But while this can be helpful, it’s worth remembering that other days of the week can be much cheaper to move, especially as demand for removal companies is much lower mid-week.

If you’re moving a long way from your current home, traffic may be more manageable outside of the Friday post-work rush.

Packing a box of essentials

There’s nothing worse than a busy morning moving house, only to realise your kettle and tea bags are packed away in an unlabelled box when you arrive.

To avoid missing out on that all important cuppa, make sure you pack a box of essentials so you have easy access to the items you need as soon as you get into the new house.

The importance of labelling

When you’re moving home, don’t forget that labelling will save you some big headaches when it comes to sorting and unpacking. Even if you’re not a typically organised person, you should be proactive.

Keep a record of the number of boxes and what’s in each, making sure to write everything down clearly for reference during the moving and unpacking process.  

Contacting utility companies, insurers and the council

In the midst of packing your possessions and loading up a removal van, it’s all too easy to forget to contact the people who need to know about your move. It’s a legal requirement that buildings insurance is in place at your new property from the day you exchange contracts, while before the big day, make sure you let your insurance companies know the date of your move.

Remember to make sure you notify the council and make arrangements with your utilities companies. It’s also worth pre-arranging the installation of your new broadband and television packages, or you could risk waiting for a number of weeks to get WiFi switched on in your home.

Making arrangements for their pets (and children)

If you have a dog, car or any other pet, moving house can be very disruptive. Before your moving date, make sure you arrange for your pets to stay with a friend or relative, or book them into a cattery or kennels. With them out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, while ensuring they avoid feeling stressed and unsettled.

You might also want to get somebody to look after your children, especially if they’re younger, so that they are out of the way during the move.

Taking time for themselves

Amidst the chaos of moving house, it’s no wonder that people often end up very stressed.

To avoid feeling overloaded, make sure you take some time out from the sorting and packing, whether that’s taking the dog for a walk around the block, visiting friends or heading to the pub for a hearty dinner.

Please enter a location or postcode so we can show you the right results.
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