Hosting guests during the festive season


christmas family dinner

A good host wears many hats – hotelier, tour guide, entertainer and chef, but it needn’t be taxing. Relax into your role with our room by room festive hosting guide.

The Kitchen “Happiness is a full belly.”

dinning table and kitchen

A breakfast fit for Three kings

Structure your days around mealtimes, starting the day right with breakfast. Stock up on the basics such as breads, jams, juice, coffee and cereals. For the ultimate offering, prepare a cooked breakfast such as, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, shakshuka, or a hearty full-English. There is nothing more inviting than your guests waking-up to the scent of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon.


After a large breakfast, lunch should be small and light. Stock your fridge with some essentials and treats to suit every eater – luncheon meats, cheeses, olives, sundried tomatoes, and pickled vegetables are a good start. Serve with warm bread and refreshments, and allow your guests to nibble away. If you’re going the extra mile, prepare hors d’oeuvres beforehand. These wild mushroom crostinis, sirloin squares and pulled pork biscuits are bound to go down a treat.


Dinner will likely be the pinnacle of the day. Turkey, goose or pheasant – whatever you’re feasting on, prepare the dish beforehand so you’re not stuck in the kitchen. Stock your fridge plentifully with a range of refreshments to suit all tastes, such as red and white wine, sparkling and soft drinks. Finally, to really wow the crowd, dress your dining table to impress. Golden table runners, sparkling centrepieces and twinkling tea lights will set the tone for a very memorable evening.

The Living Room “Memories last a lifetime.”

living room christmas

Plan entertainment

After the feasting and present wrapping is over, there is bound to be a lull. Some of your guests might wish to retire and sleep off their champagne, whilst others may be full of beans. Prepare for all occasions by stocking up on board games and festive Christmas films. For the kids, have a few party games up your sleeve, such as a chocolate coin hunt, or Charades.

Allow downtime

Several days of overindulgence can wipe your guests out, so avoid the urge to fill every last second with activities. Your visitors will likely appreciate an afternoon to relax, chat, nap or read a book.

The Bedroom “A well spent day brings restful sleep.”


Sleep easy

Ensure your guests sleep easy with a few small additions to your spare bedroom. Clean sheets and extra pillows are a must, but try adding a few finishing touches such as a carafe of fresh water by the bedside table, or chocolates on their pillow before bedtime. For extra luxury, add fluffy bathrobes, slippers and essential oil candles – lavender, sweet basil and jasmine are the ultimate soothing scents.

The bathroom “Relax, refresh and recharge.”

Me time

Give your guests a taste of the hotel life with a few pampering flourishes. Stock up on mini toiletries, bath oils and salts. Providing these little luxuries will make all the difference to their stay.