The Government has announced plans to proceed with the Starter Home scheme, aimed at increasing house building for first time buyers. The houses will be built on brown field land not currently identified for housing.


The scheme will offer suitable first time buyers a 20% discount.


Starter Home has been outlined as follows:


  • Homes will be reserved for first time buyers under the age of 40
  • Homes will be sold at a 20% discount against the market price in the area
  • Resale of the home, at full market price, will be restricted for a period of time (at least 5 years)
  • The Government is targeting a number of homes through the scheme over the next five years
  • The scheme, as currently set out, only applies to England


The Starter Home scheme will be fully supported by David Wilson Homes.


We don’t yet know when the first homes will be available through Starter Home, but if you are looking for your first home now then you could buy a home for as little as a 5% deposit with Help to Buy.


We’re really proud of the homes we build with first time buyers in mind, and we know they make ideal starter homes. So if you are looking for your first home, or you’ve already seen your ideal property, then don’t miss out - find out more about Help to Buy now.